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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Neon Boneyard Las Vegas

Las Vegas loves signs. The bigger and brighter the better. Neon and Las Vegas are synonymous and its been that way for many decades. As businesses and casinos have come and gone, many of these relics have found their final resting place at the Neon Museum, just a few blocks north of Fremont Street.

The signs had one purpose - to sell. To sell goods, a business, a casino, a bar, a good time, an experience.

But their makers (primarily Yesco) employed their artistic sensibilities to sell with whimsy, grandeur, humor, and spectacle. And now, the occupants of the boneyard have many more visual arrows in their quivers than just appealing advertisements.

These wonderful old signs are living parts of a past gone by, examples of important eras in American design, and, in their new home, can be enjoyed as mementos of bygone days, or even as abstract works of art, if one is so inclined.

Or they can just be cool old signs.

Here are some images of the Boneyard that I captured on my last visit there.

On to Neon Boneyard Las Vegas Part Two

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