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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Quad Queen Returns

So we were finally in Vegas with - gads - working room keys. Tired as dogs but no way were we not going down to the casino.

The plan was to play quarter coin-dropper Treasure Chest and that's exactly what we did.
The Quad Queen chose the 250 quarter chest. Savvy move!

The Quad Queen lived up to her name by hitting the first quad of the trip. And the next. And the next. And then two more. Unreal!

I, of course, hit naught a sausage. Bugger all.

We grabbed a quick meal at the coffee shop, popping the cherry on our newly issued Gold cards. A simple meal, omelettes, hash browns, and a side of sausage...

It was just fantastic! Incredibly tasty. Everything was freshly made and piping hot. So I highly recommend omelettes at Market Street Cafe.

And THEN it was time to try to sleep.

The trip is ON!

Here's some QQ action shots:

RF: Day: -$100 Trip: -$100
QQ: Day: +$60 Trip: +$60
Combined: -$40

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    1. This is o.k. I mean reading a few episodes at a time. ;-)


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