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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Three Way Battle Between Excitement, Laziness, and Panic

The Big Fall trip is coming! Soon! Like single digits soon! Tingly winglies!!!

It doesn't matter how many times I go to Vegas, or other destinations (once in nineteen years), as the trip approaches, its always a three way battle between excitement, laziness, and panic.

Too many trips have been last minute packing panic the night before, and even the day of the trip. I don't enjoy it, I get anxious, I can't find things, I yell, I scream, I make 50 circuits of the house trying to gather every last thing I'll need.

The goal is to be ready to walk out the door at some time prior to the actual day of departure, so that when its time to go, I am relaxed, ready, rested, and primed to kick some Vegas ass!

The secret to this is to start early. Way early.

Starting chores early is diametrically opposed to my lazy quotient. And as my excitement builds, my focus drops. I spend too many hours reading Vegas forums. I waste time making perfect little strategy cards that have less chance of making it out of my wallet and into service than my first condom did.

But you'll be glad to know, I had this wired. It's a lock. I'd already started, over a week out. All my casino cards are sorted, equipment laid out, chargers, cables, batteries, cameras, cigar supplies, bolts of fabric in the MacGillivray tartan, pemmican, moleskin, traveller's checks, ice cleats, it's all there to be gone over prior to sorting, culling, and then packing.

I had a feasible plan to take care all of the work stuff, all of the 'other stuff', getting Chippy to the Left-B-Hind kennel, and to be "out-the door ready" a full day ahead of departure, important because we are driving the three hours or so to Toronto's Pearson International to wing our way to Las Vegas.

That was when my sister Divana decided that I should throw her a birthday party.

And it should be the night before we leave for Vegas.

She called.

"You'll take care of my birthday party, won't you," she said. More of a statement than a request.

"Why can't Lamondo do this?"

Lamondo is my niece, Divana's daughter.

"You know Lamondo is busy. She'll help put out the food, anyway."


"You'll make pulled pork? And some sort of meat on a stick, what is it the Thai place calls it? And those little cupcakes from Johnson's bakery would be nice, the white ones with vanilla cream frosting."

"I've never pulled my pork. Or my Johnson. Look, Divana, we leave for Vegas the very next day. I have to work overtime at Veeblefetzer next week, I have to get Chippy to the Left-B-Hind, and - "

"It's my important birthday, Royal," she interrupted. "You'll do it for Dr. Divana won't you."

She was right, it is one of those 'big' birthdays.

Anyone have a good pulled pork recipe?

Meanwhile, on the Vegas front, the itinerary is set, I have all the reservations, car rental, Roam Mobility cell plan - it's all systems go.

I even have a theme for this trip.


    1. Use whatever equivalent Canada has to the Waitrose party food. Have it delivered, pop it in or on the oven/microwave/plate, lay it out and let the party begin! One phone call does it all.

    2. Take a 7 lb Boston Butt, pat liberally with your favorite pork rub, then place in a large Crock Pot or Nesco.

      Rough cut two onions and place them around the meat. Add water until the meat is 2/3 covered, and add a couple of tablespoons of Liquid Smoke. Cook on low for about 6 hours.

      Much of the meat will shred itself as you try to take it out of the cooking vessel.


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