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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Breakfast is Served, Flushie Style

Day 4 - Tue Oct 25 - part 1

Six in the morning. I'm up. QQ is sleeping. So, I took the time to punch out a live blog update.

We inaugurated the day with $20 on dollar Treasure Chest. We each lost $20 in 9 seconds. Gosh, that was fun!

No matter. The 50 cent full pay BP progressive wasn't super high, but we gave it a shot anyway. And the QQ nailed a SF. From 3 even.
We tired of the foolish games on 50 cent BP (because they were mostly taking my money) and hit the slant tops by the cage for some quarter, 50 cent, dollar, two dollar Strict Rules of Parlay excitement.
Time to parlay!

50 cent level.

Dollar level.

I played some at the $2 level but had to drop back down to 50 cents after not hitting anything.

No, I didn't get this one either.
I actually had a really fun run. I got as high as $230 on $2 VP, then dropped all the way to $10, and worked my way back up to $200. But then it crashed. I did about $3K coin in on a couple of twenties though.

The Quad Queen was ready for breakfast, so we hit up the fine breakfast bar at Main Street Station, after swiping our cards at the kiosk.

And that's how I found out I'd made a classic, stupid, kiosk blunder. We had an offer that included several days of 5x points. Starting the day before. And if you didn't swipe at the kiosk, you didn't get it. So I fucked ourselves(?) out of a lot of extra points that ultimately would be turned into cold hard cashback.

Not very savvy.

We also did our $25 each of freeplay, and turned it into a total of $45. Not bad.

We played some 9/6 Jacks at the bar and that was pretty good. I actually won some on that session.

Breakfast is served, Flushie style.

Four Aces indicator...
It was time to eat for real, and as we left the bar, Hot Towels spied us from across the casino floor.

"Do it! Do it!" she shouted, waving with her free hand.

At the Main Street Station buffet, we brandished our shiny Gold Cards and waltzed to the front of this line-up. Surely that privilege is worth losing hundreds upon hundreds of your American dineros?!

At this point of the day, I was down a measly $40, and the QQ was down $160. A turnaround of fortunes?

Good morning, Mr. F! Your usual trough, Mr. F? Right this way Mr. F. 
I don't remember exactly what I ate at the buffet, and I don't have any pictures of food sandwiched between video poker shots. (See what I did there?)

I'm aware that these first few days seem repetitive - because they were designed to be that way. We know that when we arrive, we want to hit the machines and play, and then play some more, and then play some more after that. So we set ourselves up with a nice long run at the Cal, doing $10K coin-in a day each, eating and drinking like stinky little pigs, with nowhere to be, nowhere to move to.

And that's what we were doing. We had a tournament coming up, but had booked a 6 night stand at the Cal. After that, when we had our gambling ya-yas out, we'd start moving around some.

But right now, the goal was video poker and getting some Royals.

More to come!

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    1. I do feel sorry for you, but also am just a 'little' glad that I am not the only one to make those kind of blunders....and that you are man enough to admit it.


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