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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Farewell Favorite Server Judy

Day 3 - Monday Oct 24 - part 1

We headed down to the California Casino and Hotel's stately casino for video poker and coffee (in my case) and Jameson's (in the Quad Queen's case). With the renovations basically finished, the casino really does look a lot nicer.

We were happy to see that Favorite Server Judy was in attendance, and we renewed our acquaintance with her by asking such questions as, "So. How's it goin', eh?"

And Judy replied, "Great! Today is my last day!"

Wait, what?

Yup, she was shipping out for a new life in part unknown.

It was a surprise, but we are very happy for her. She never did get off that graveyard shift, and it isn't an easy job slinging underpoured drinks all night.

We often get killed on the slant tops in the morning at the Cal. I don't know why we play there at that time. Habit. And sometimes we don't get killed, I guess. And it's nice in the morning.

Delicious coffee, elegantly presented in a stylish white-on-white ensemble.

Nice way to start the day!

Another fail, this time on the Quad Queen. That's okay, we have plenty of time, right?

Fives are lucky. The Quad Queen told me so.

Lookin' good, Cal!

Morning 'action' shot. Yes, this is where I spend my vacation.

A nice set of ducks. No kicker, though.
We opted for a quick breakfast at the coffee shop. I was sad to see how the counter has been chopped in order to make room for more Emerald Steaks. At least it was still there.

 And, I ordered an omelette. And I ordered a buffet with it.

"It doesn't come with buffet."

"I know. That's why I'm ordering it."

"But it doesn't come with it. It comes with hash browns."

I whipped out my Gold Card.

"Perhaps it comes with buffet NOW."

You see, the menu gets you the omelette and hash brown.

The buffet gets you unlimited Country Throw-up Gravy from the big bin o' grey joy.

And it gets you a few add-ons to really stuff your gut. Those little cheese blintzes aren't bad, by the way.

More to come! (Don't worry, the Deuces come later. They just look nice up there.)

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    1. Nice to see that you are eating lots of eggs to keep up your strength, and bugging the h... out of the servers.


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