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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Turn You Turn

Day 8 - Sat Oct 29 - part 1

Saturday! The weekend!

One of the great things about vacation is every day is Saturday, pretty much.

And what a gorgeous Saturday it was. We had a busy slate of activities for the morning, which included getting in our second round at the Video Poker tournament at the California - even though we were staying at the Golden Nugget.

Unfortunately, our tournament time conflicted with the need to check out of the Nugget - it was after check-out time. And then we had to get our asses out of downtown. We tried a bunch of scenarios, even calling Blonde up over at the Plaza with the idea of schlepping our luggage to Blonde and Kodidog's room over there. They were willing, but all of a sudden we had a better idea, and put them on hold.

Here's how we worked it. We got all packed up and ready to walk out the door. We went over to the Cal to try to pick up a spot at the 10:00am time. No vacancies. Shit.

So, we hung around until 10:30. There was one spot open, so I gave it to the Quad Queen, since she'd had a half-assed first round, whilst I'd had a no-assed first round.

I ate breakfast at the counter and - ulp - had to actually pay for it, as the Gold Card had run out. It broke my heart to do it, but it was a good experience to 'keep me grounded'.

After the QQ's round (in which she did 'okay' - I figured she might be in the money), she hauled ass back to the Nugget to sit in the room and guard our stuff, in case any aggressive chambermaids came calling.

Fortunately I got in for the 11:00am round, and unfortunately, I sucked video poker ass. There would be no winnings for me.

As soon as I was done, I made haste back to the room, and we got out of there without any sort of altercation - it all worked out well.

We hailed an Uber and rolled towards our next destination. The Uber app took us in a very odd route to I-15 - south then west then north then west then north again and west and south - I have to look it up one of these days.

When we got off I-15 the driver turned right onto the strip instead of left. I mentioned she'd have to do a u-turn. And the phone was lit up, indicating 'take a u-turn'. She passed the intersection.

"Hey, you need to do a u-turn - turn around," I said.

The phone was lit up and flashing, with red arrows pointing out to 'take a u-turn, pronto'.

And she passed that intersection.

"You need to turn around!!!" I said, more forcefully. "You're going the wrong way."

"But Venetian is right there," she said.

"Yes it is. It's right there. And Wynn, where we are going, is way behind us."

Well, she got turned around finally, and got us to Wynn, where our adventures would continue for the next few days.

We had grand plans, devious demented plans for Hallowe'en - I could hardly wait until we put on our costumes!

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