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Sunday, November 13, 2016

One Marker, Two Markers, Three Markers, Four

Day 2 Sunday Oct 23 - California Casino and Hotel

I had a really bad night of 'sleep'. According to my Fatbit, I only got about 5 hours sleep, and it was pretty fitful, as it were. That sounds like a lot of sleep by Vegas standards, but I was pretty bushed by Divana's birthday party, all the preparation that went into it, and the very long day of travel.

All of the new carpets, bedding, and furniture filled the room with what the perfessionals call "off-gassing". Basically, a chemical soup of new furniture smell in the air. Thank goodness you can still open the Cal's windows a few inches.

The first morning in Vegas, I always feel like I've had a sound beating. So, the day was pretty draggy. Was this going to stop our fun? Heck no!
So, we got up and got at it!

We were at the Cal for a nice long stretch, with a comped suite, limo service, and those wonderful Gold Cards that let you eat or drink anything you want at the Cal, Main Street, and Fremont. And, we each got $25 free play. AND, we were in a video poker tournament.

We headed over to Main Street Station and played some quarter multi-play Bonus Poker.

Somehow I managed to go down $500 without hitting anything. And, the Quad Queen got her ninth quad of the trip before I got one. The year off seemed to have done her good, and she was living up to her moniker. She was also living up to her name, the Quad Queen.
Bring on the scratch cards!
Flusher is on the board with his first quad of the trip.
Just for good measure, the QQ hit Aces and a straight flush.
Four pointies!
I worked my back up to -$150 and then was dealt a very interesting hand.

You might recall in the past few trips that I've had some particularly vexing, disturbing, infuriating, and crushing defeats when it comes to drawing from four-to-a-Royal, particularly on multiplay. I managed to get one from 4 at our local casino just before the trip, and I wondered if I'd used up all my royal luck.
So I get dealt four-to-a-royal on ten play. Ten shots at a royal. I've been here before.

I fired away.
See any royals there???
One flush and one pair is all I got out of it. Shit, hell and damnation!

It was a long trip, though, and I would probably have many such chances to flame out, crash, and burn.

For good measure, I was also dealt AAA, but couldn't bust my pointies nut. No Aces for you!

I'd gone through most of my readies, as had Mrs. F, so we took a marker at the cage, and went at it some more.

The good news? The Gold Card got us a "free" buffet. The best part of the buffet was meeting Mrs. Fabulous, who was one of those wonderful people that is filled with joy and wonder over all of the small things in life, and just being alive.
Mrs. Fabulous, 2016
It's a great attitude, but I'm not so sure on gushing over, for example, a single grape.

"What a grape! I'm blessed, so blessed to have a grape like that! I ate the grape, and it was a taste of life's wonderful bounty!!! Oh my Lord, lookee!!! Another grape! Just like the first wonder-grape! I'm so blessed!"

Anyone have the recipe for Namasa salad, Main Street Station style?

Where were we on the day? Well, I was down $540, and the Quad Queen was down $580. And we had done only three quarters of the play we'd planned - $10,000 coin in per day each.

No situation that a SECOND marker won't solve, right? Right.

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    1. Can't wait to see what's going to happen..and I will! Because you know....I read a few episodes at a time after you write them, LOL.


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