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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quad Queen Rocks the Strict Rules of Parlay

Day 2 Sunday Oct 23 - part 2 - California Casino and Hotel

So there we were, first day, into our second marker. The staffer at the cage greeted us with a 'tut tut' and a slow shake of the head.

"So soon. Are you sure?..."


She pushed one of those 'When the Fun Stops' pamphlets at me, gave me a bowl of 'nice chicken soup', and promised not to tell Dad.

We hammered on the ten-play and fortunately, finished our coin-in plan of $10K each. Between us we hauled in $67 in scratch cards.
Yes, that's a rare $5 one.

Now that we finally had some time to relax from the stressful world of high-stakes gambling, we walked back across the bridge to the Cal, and engaged in some more gambling.

One of the most exciting things in the world ever is watching the Quad Queen demonstrate the Strict Rules of Parlay to incredible monetary perfection.

She started out with $20, on quarter Bonus Poker.

Here's how the progression looked.
She started out on quarters, and nailed a quad. This moved her up to 50 cents.
The 50 cent level didn't work out, so it was back to quarters, and a couple more quads.

At the 50 cent level, she nailed Aces for a couple of hundred bucks. Double Double players heads exploded a wee bit.
At the dollar level, Aces AGAIN. Yes, on Bonus, who cards. More heads exploded violently. Because kicker.
Then it was on to the highest denom on the machine - $2. This meant $10 a hand. Yikes!

The $2 level didn't yield a quad, and Mrs. F made a very savvy decision to cash out the profits.

$20 to $700, thanks to the Strict Rules of Parlay!

You know, they don't always work. In fact, usually they don't. But when they do, by cracky, it's a video poker fun-fest!

Next stop, our first visit to the newly remodeled Redwood Steakhouse, formerly known as the Redwood Grill.

I had booked our usual waiter, and we took in the completely new decor. It's pretty nice, and though I'll miss the old red wood tones from the natural paneling of the old place, the room is opened up and modern.

As far as the food goes, I'll write that all up separately, but let me tell you, we were not disappointed. The menu is expanded and refined. There are more choices, and some of the crappy stuff like the crab wontons are gone.

They've downsized the bread, thank goodness. And the savoury olive bowl is amazing.
The new olive bowl is an excellent change. It replaces the sloppy olive oil fun slide they used to gush onto the table.


What a fine meal two markers can buy! Everything was fantastic, and the service impeccable as well.

Dessert? More video poker.

I drilled a bunch of test holes, not finding anything useful. Lost about $80 in no time. Then I found the honey hole machine that would let me ride her all night for one well lubed twenty dollar bill.
One for the Quad Queen of Hearts.

Double Double Bonus, I played fifty cent for a little over an hour on that twenty bucks, coaxing that old girl to release and give me a quad. She finally did.
One for me.
It was late, and we were both tired, but I said to the QQ that I thought "I wasn't done yet."

So, for good measure, I popped a twenty into dollar Boner Deluxe. What a day saver!
$400? Yes please.
"Now, I'm done," I said, after a few more hands.

Oh, by the way, this also happened.

RF: Day -$400 trip -$500
QQ: Day -$160 trip -$100
Combined -$600

RF failed four-to-a-royal draws: 13


    1. Holy PoonStang, Batman! Aces with kicker twice on the wrong game...I would be giving myself an Royal kick in the ass. Good thing the parlay worked out.

    2. Nice! Why do I not use strict rules of parlay more often hmm lol

    3. I am memorizing those rules of parlay and will take more money next time, so I can give it a whirl. Glad to hear that you know when you are done....overdone means burnt, eh?


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