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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The 3D Four-to-a-royal Multiplay Disappointment Draw

Day 3 - Monday Oct 24 - part 2

Full of omelettey calories, we went on walkabout. I like that our Vegas trips usually start in the same way. We visit the familiar places, get our bearings, visit the familiar people, like going back to the cottage in the spring.

Except in this cottage, you can play Slutty Times Pay at the Fremont!

It's fun to see what you can do on a low buy-in. I slipped a small bill into one of the heavily played uprights near the food court.

"Five... dollars this time Clark???" said the Fremont Four-of-a-kind Fraulein.

This became one of those trip lines. If you let it mellow for a few days, and then slip it in, it's great all over again.


So what do I start with? My old nemesis, which I thought I had conquered - the Four-to-a-royal Multiplay Disappointment Draw.

At least there was no spinner.
Super Slutty Times Spinner Pay has a face, and that face is disappointment and ecstasy. Two faces - disappointment, or winning ecstasy, or bland breaking even.

Amongst the various faces of Super Slutty Times Spinner Pay are such diverse elements as... disappointment, ecstasy, breaking even, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.

(Don't worry, the Flying Circus comes later in the trip - for reals.)

But it seems that way, don't it, spinner feast, or famine?

Here are some photographs of the results of various trials on certain legal in Nevada gambling devices. Please view them using the special 'Jimmy Poon 3D' glasses provided.


There's a Royal in there somewhere.

That's good for $100 right there.
So, yeah, I did fairly well, cashing out a very distressed $400 ticket, up $200 on the enterprise.
It was kind of weird, the ticket jammed, and a floor guy retrieved it. You can see that it was in pretty rough shape. He wrote the amount on it, and signed it. And the cage accepted it. If I had such powers, I'd never eat bread and hot water for breakfast again.
QQ did well too.

Two for the price of one.
I literally bumped into one of the Mikes from the Mike's Bar at the Four Queens while waiting for the floor guy to come. It wasn't the shaved head Mike, but Mike instead, on his way to work.

We said we'd see him in a bit, and lit out for the El Cortez, and of course, Walgreens for all important supplies, such as shaving goo.


    1. What's for breakfast RF? A big old bowl of Royal Flush disappointment.

    2. Boy, that machine certainly did NOT want to give up that money. Oh, I'm still reading. Photobucket has been loading 6 pickturs for an hour now. It's at 90%.


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