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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The First Level of Shower Utility and Decadence

Day 6 - Thursday Oct 27 - part 3

It's always good to share Vegas with friends, and for dinner, we had plans to meet up with a couple of 'em - Blonde4Ever and Kodidog. Obviously those are their 'internet' names - they frequent Blonde's friendly all things Vegas forum Las Vegas 4 Ever. Apparently Blonde has a thing the potential infinite existence of earthly concepts. She is also a talented writer about all things Vegas for VegasBright, which you should frequent to get the latest news, and reviews, if you don't already.

It had been a pretty physical move from the Cal, so I grabbed a quick shower while the Mixology Madonna made me a marvelous Maker's Mark. There's something great about drinking in the shower. There's something great about doing other things in the shower. Some of these things are so great that one might find oneself showering when perfectly clean just to get to the other things.

In my case, though, I stuck to the first level of shower utility and decadence (a manifesto which shall be forthcoming and broadly heralded, written on scraps of scrounged paper using ink of my own making, should I ever be incarcerated in a gulag, or maybe the drunk tank)... now where was I?  I stuck to the first level of shower utility and decadence, cleansing, drinking, shaving, drinking some more, rinsing, and drinking.

We only had 7 minutes to get from our Room atop the Rush Tower at the Golden Nugget over to the Fremont (no, not the buffet). So, our first action was to pour travelers. Nothing is really very far away in downtown Las Vegas.

Fremont was alive with the revelry of the evening to come, and lots of people were rocking their pretty cool Hallowe'en costumes. It was busy enough that we had to kind of wade through the throng.

A quick wait for the light at Casino Center, and we entered the Fremont, which was hopping. Things are tight in the Fremont, and the four craps tables up front were jammed. A thousand noises rushed over us and the smells of cigarette smoke, booze, sweat and money filled our nostrils. Now this is what a casino should be.

We met up with Blonde and Kodi outside the 2nd Street Grill, just a minute or two late, perfectly acceptable in the world of punctuality and travelers.

I really wanted to take them to the renovated and superb Redwood Grill, but it is closed two nights a week. So we opted for 2nd Street instead.

We were seated in a nice big round booth in the corner. The Quad Queen and I each had a Gold Card, but we had been told at one point that they were each good for an appetizer, a salad, a main, dessert, and a few drinks or wine. But we've been all over the map on this, and nobody has ever said, "HEY. YOU HAVE THREE APPETIZERS ORDERED. KEEP IT TO TWO."

We spent some time juggling ideas, like the QQ and I could split the 96oz Bison Steak (BUFFFALLLO!!!), and Blonde and Kodi could split a main. We'd share some appetizers. And so on. But finally I just asked the waiter what we could do with our cards.

The answer made it so simple.

"You can spend up to $200."

I gave instructions to our guest to order whatever the hell they wanted, and I'd pick up any difference using points or something. I felt like a much better host armed with this strategy.
Pictures first. Then we eat.
The appetizers arrived. I'd gone with a buffalo mozzarella salad (BUFFFALLLO!!!). I expected a little cheese, a little tomato, some dressing. Well, there was easily half a pound of mozza on there, enough for three people, and maybe four. I shared with Blonde and sucked down the rest. Cheese is probably my one favorite food.
(BUFFFALLLO!!!) mozzarella
The Quad Queen had a soup appetizer (minestrone, if I recall), Kodi had a spinach bacon salad the size of a roulette wheel, and I forget if Blonde had one.

Yes, it's a photograph of soup. Isn't modern technology great.
For my main, I went with the bone in ribeye. It's served in the same tired, weird way it was served in last time - on top of a bed of mashed, and some sort of reduction, garnished with two rosemary sprigs as big as Nova Scotia Christmas trees, and - oh yes - an edible flower of some ilk. The steak was pretty good, a little better than 'okay', but nothing to write in a blog about.

Kodi had the lamb for her main course, and Blonde had a duck dish. The Quad Queen opted for a New York steak.

We had a wonderful time, talking and laughing, and pretty much disturbing everyone else in the dining room. By the time the bill arrived it was almost 8:30. The time had just flown by.

As far as the bill goes, we nailed it - $210. They covered it all, so yay Gold Card.

On the way out, I actually apologized to a nice looking group of four stately diners who were right at our elbow. We must have been so, so loud and annoying.

The reply was wonderful. "You are having a great time. That's what its all about. Friends, wine, conversation! Enjoy your evening, fuck off, and stay fucked off."

Okay, he probably only thought the last part.

The four of us retired to Binions to seek out some inexpensive VP, or slots. We found four machines in a bank. Oddly, Blonde and I were looking and looking for cocktail service, and no one came by for what seemed like forever (about 8 minutes). But then we looked over and QQ and Kodi were tucking into drinks. I have no idea what happened there.

Kodi graced her machine with Aces Kicker, which was nice to see, and before long it was time to say goodbye - for the time being.
This year's Marilyn Man-roe.
Frank and the Steins were rocking Fremont, and in the Nugget, I hung out at the machines just outside the Rush Lounge and rocked their band.

I played one $20 bill and lost pretty quickly. The Quad Queen lost $40 and called it  day.

After changing machines, I had a repeat of the morning's marathon - one twenty lasted me almost two hours! I ran the machine to about $90 or so. By the time I was done for the day, I'd done $3000 coin in on single line quarter Bonus Poker.

That's 2,400 hands.

Oh yeah, and this. My 37th four-to-a-royal this trip. Didn't get it.

RF: Day -$1000 Trip -$3300
QQ: Day -$780 Trip +$240
Combined -$3060
Failed four-to-a-royal attempts: RF: 37 QQ: 1
Royals: QQ: 1


    1. "Apparently Blonde has a thing the potential infinite existence of earthly concepts. "

      I have WHAT ????

    2. Ah, don't be embarrassed, Blonde. You really do, ya know.....!

    3. Blonde has an appetizer on her plate - it has a straw in it! lol -Chris


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