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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Jameson Girls

Day 4 - Tue Oct 25 - part 2

The great excitement in my day was spotting a sign that said the Jameson Girls would be live, on site in the Triple Seven Brewpub, and going for the Full Monty - tonight!!!
I was MADE for the Jameson Girls!!!
It was all I could talk about, all I could think about. Oh those Jameson Girls!!!!

Why is it when you have some ridiculously lucky stroke of lucky luck, that you think that you can march up to the same machine the next day, and reproduce it, exactly???
Yes, we tried the Loose Doose again. And no, I didn't get the deuces again. The Loose Lady got three Loose Dooses dealt but left the machine unfulfilled with Loose Bloo balls.

Never mind, time for some serious multi-play scratch card fun!

Ten scratch cards, please. Way to go, QQ!
QQ hit the sub-holy almost-grail on ten-play, a dealt quad. The sub-holy grail would be dealt Aces. And the holy grail would be a dealt royal. That would be $10,000. That would be really nice to have.

Either way, you get ten scratch cards. It sure keeps the floor peeps busy.

QQ had an amazing session, and rounded out her $10K coin-in for the day while taking out about $700 bucks. I'd done half as much coin-in and lost $100.

I threw $100 at Super Slutty Times Prey and almost immediately got some pointies. No kicker, though. I really, really wanted Aces kicker and Royals.
The thing totally dumped on me, though. I burned through 1200 credits (that sounds so much better than $300) in about twenty minutes. And, I had a terrible, terrible case of deadly 'scratch card thumb'.

The Scourge of Scratch Card Thumb
At least I had the Jameson Girls to look forward to.

We took a long break in the room, played some keno, rested up a bit. I did some blogging and online crap, I suppose.

This blog is always both a blessing and a curse. I love the fact the as many as 9 people read the blog, but when I'm in Vegas, it's always nagging at me to take pictures of things, take notes, do live updates, post things to facebook. One of the nice things about it is that when I'm old and wrinkled like a lumpy pink prune, deaf of ear, poor of sight, and flaky of skin, I'll be able to read about all our trips to Vegas, if I can push the nose hairs out of my line of sight, and if I can even find my glasses.

At this point in the day, I was down a demeaning $280, and the QQ was up a riotous $440. Was I ever even going to have a winning day?

We did more multi-play at Main Street and I blew through the rest of my days stake, which was pegged at exactly $too much.

We tried the Loose Doose yet again, with no results.

But then! Then it was time! Time for the Jameson Girls!

Mrs. F wanted to try the new slant tops behind the Loose Doose machines, maybe fuck around with some nickel Ultimate X or something. So I wished her luck and headed over to the Triple Seven.

No lineup! Great! I'd be able to get right to partying with the sexy Jameson Girls! I looked around the room, didn't see any foo-farah, balloons, or even any signs of the fabled Jameson Girls Petting Zoo.

"When do the Jameson Girls get here? I'm their biggest fan, since I saw the sign this morning," I said to the hostess.

She looked at me like I was an idiot.

"They were here yesterday."

So, actually, I was an idiot. First I'd lost all my stake, and now THIS!!!!

Life wasn't worth living anymore. I made my way back to the Quad Queen and found her sitting in front of her machine, doing nothing.

She'd hit a Royal Flush for $1000.

Yes she had!!!

I was soooo happy for her! This trip was really for her, since she'd had such a tough, busy, year without a vacation until now.

I took pictures of the Royal, about nine different ways.

A beautiful thing, a Royal. She'd broken the ice, now I had to get one of my own!

I sat in the penalty box for about 7 minutes, then 'borrowed' $10 from our Admin money and played nickel Ultimate X. I got a quad on that, then moved to quarters, and then got a quad on that. And I had worked up the $10 to $200 in the machine.

Money in the machine means nothing - it only counts when you cash it out.

You know what happened, don't you.

After a celebratory drink at the bar, we had dinner at Redwood again, and I got to try more new appetizers and mains.

 Pineapple tempura shrimp - fabulous!
QQ had a lobster tail - stupendous! (Actually, a little overdone.)
Chef Henry came out to say hello again and offered to make another lobster tail, but we opted not. It wasn't over by much, and its such a waste to be that fussy.

After dinner, we played some dollars, but nothing eventful happened, except I went even further in the hole.

RF: Day -$800 Trip -$2200
QQ: Day +$1260 Trip +$2200
Combined - Even Steven

Royal attempts from four: RF: 29 QQ: 1
Royals RF: 0 QQ: 1


    1. I think you are meant to be one who chronicles the QQ wins, various meals and quirky sites around Vegas more so than one who actually plays and wins.
      I also think that you are neglecting your cocktail consumption- that could be another factor.

      1. Excellent points. I'm going to look into this immediately, starting with your last observation.


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