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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Return of It's Jay

Day 5 - Wed Oct 26 - part 2

As mentioned, I somehow managed to scrounge out a $100 win in the Davy Jones Alcove.

As unmentioned, the Quad Queen, in the same span of time, lost $300. She was having a hell of a bad day. So, we thought we'd take a stroll down Fremont to the Four Queens, and have lunch there, and try the bartop progressive Double Double Bonus.

Ah, Fremont Street, where the women are hot 'n cheesier than a pizza pocket, and the men are bare-butt cheeky. I spotted one nice young lady, out for some air and exercise no doubt, who was clearly a fan of the green and white of my Saskatchewan Roughriders. She wore pants that were snugger than a tight end's.

Go Riders!

Lots of people were sporting football, and especially baseball garb. Coming straight towards me was an extremely attractive, extremely well endowed woman, wearing a tight shirt that showed she was an el primo baseball fan. From Chicago, apparently.

I smiled and pointed at the logo on her chest and said, "Hey! I love your Cubs!!!"

She replied, "Kiss my ass, perv."

Apparently, I still have a lot to learn about baseball lingo.

You might recall the 'free pull' machine at the Four Queens which has been there forever, and on which after ten years of trying I have still yet to win anything from the Fuck All Free Pull (using the official spelling of fuck all). The best I have managed is a little fun seeing if I can get Bill to curse at the millennials blowing mushroom clouds of vape smoke at everyone in sight.

In any case, this venerable, unlucky machine has been moved to the opposite corner of the Four Queens, the one closest to the Nugget. Presumably so that Bill has a new set of people to curse at under his breath.

I love Bill, and you should too. Next time you see him, say "Hi Bill, Royal Flusher sent me to win Fuck All as usual" like I do.

Having said all that, in an incredibly wordy and needless pre-amble to the point, I will get to the point. And that point is that running the Fuck All Free Pull was not Bill, but none other than our old friend Jay.

"IT'S JAY!!!!" I screamed and ran across the last few feet of beer soaked Fremont Street, which was dotted with chewing gum like Marilyn Monroe beauty spots, the ones that multiplied after she started shooting those 'blue' girlies-in-the kitchen-with-appliances films in her declining years.

Where was I? "IT'S JAY!!!!" I screamed. 

Yes, it was Jay, late of the Four Queens slot club, Jay, who was kind and helpful, Jay who had turned the slot club booth upside down when one of the other ditzes that works there 'lost' my drivers license. And yes, we did find it, saving me a world of hurt. (This episode is chronicled in the Spirit of Savvy post Four Queens Financial Spin.)

It was great to see Jay, and we wish him well.

We had lunch at Magnolia's Veranda, using some of our seemingly endless comp dollar stash. I like having this. If I'm ever low rolling (which could be this very trip) it's a great source of pretty much free food, including some of the best Country Fried Steak and Eggs to be found, lovingly drowned in heart-healthy lard 'n flour based Country Throw-up Gravy.

I may have mentioned this in the past.

So. I looked around for the Server Who Calls Me Baby (and now Sugarbaby), but she was nowhere to be seen. What was seen, instead, was a delish club salad (for her) and the incredibly yummy and three dimensional chicken taco salad bowl - of which you can eat the bowl. But shouldn't. Unlike many things on a Vegas vacation, can doesn't mean should in this case.

Shall we see some 3D Poonvision renderings of these foods? We shall!
This is what Magnolia's excels in - simple, generous comfort sandwiches. Who could ask for more?
When it came to salsa, guacomole, and ersatz sour cream, I asked for more.

Lunch was excellent, so we headed out to drop a few Flushie cards around the property, and to have a quick round of drinks and VP at the Mikes Bar.
One of my favorite places to stash a card. Sometimes its there for days.

Well, we each played a twenty and nothing much was happening, so we bailed for Fremont and full pay Bonus Poker Super Slutty Spinner Times Pay.

Fremont was noisy, a bit crowded, and smoky as always. It's important to get the left-most seats at the STP machines, because the prevailing winds blow cigarette smoke left to right. If you have a chain smoker on the left, you might as well take it up as a hobby.

The Quad Queen continued her losing funk, donking off two hundred and twenty bucks.

Meanwhile, I put in $20 and hit a nice quad multiplier and cashed out $220.
A nice 'surprise' quad, with multiplier on the side, and a selection of garden vegetables.
Had the luck shifted from her to me? It was starting to look that way. And this is a thing, too - we often find that one of us will be unlucky, whilst the other one is lucky. And when the first one changes from unlucky to lucky, the other one becomes unlucky. It's as if there isn't enough luck to go around.

The really, really bad days are when we are both unlucky.

Next stop was the Pick-a-pair machines off the lobby. We still call it Pick'em because its more fun to say. Nothing picture-worthy happened, and we slogged alllllll the way back to the Cal (a two minute journey) so the QQ could go upstairs, lick her wounds, and think about what she'd done.

We were down a significant amount and I was thinking... how am I going to get us out of this? Should I just quit for the day?


    1. Hey is that older guy next to the Rider fan packing? She's probably his daughter or grand daughter and he's ready to protect her right to cheer for the Riders.

    2. I need me one of those Chicken Taco Salad bowls right now! (And put all the stuff in it too, would you?)


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