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Monday, November 28, 2016

Who Put Sprinkles on Spock's Brain

Day 7 - Friday Oct 27 - part 1

For a desert, it seems to rain a lot in Vegas. Today looked a bit blustery and beautiful, with rain threatening. What did I care, I'd be spending indoors pushing buttons and getting loaded.

We had a bit of time before round 1 of the video poker tournament at the California Hotel and Casino, so we hit the nickel machines in the Golden Nugget long enough for me to get a coffee. We played those new sort of upright machines by IGT.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it astounds me how a company that has made gambling devices for 40 years that rely on button pushes for customers to interact with them have managed to completely fuck up the buttons on these new machines. The ones in Starship Binions are similar, these big flat buttons that are almost new and basically work about 30% of the time. Astounding.

Not only that, but as I always say, "As I always say."

New Cal lobby. Gorgeous, ain't it? They've though of everything, including the multi-positional senior sex couch, conveniently located in the middle of the action.

We walked over to the Cal and played our tournament sessions.
I sucked. Badly. Didn't hit a thing. Out of 300 hands I had one full house, and one straight. Pathetic. The Quad Queen did better, getting four 2s but no kicker, and four 10s or something. She scored 1800 some odd points to my 800 some odd loser points.
I thought she had a decent chance to get into the money.
Technician with precision equipment hammers the new Quartermania into sweet, bright life.
The Cal's new carpet and ceiling.
We cashed in all our points to get, well, cash, giving the ole Flusher budget a much needed boost. We got $450. I didn't bother to ask about my Doreen Shishedo points. We also checked out, officially.

Hotel bill: $0.00

At least there was that.

And next, I had a hankering for some food, maybe some Country food, yeah? It was a little after breakfast time, and a little before lunch. How I wished there was a word that combined the two.

We walked the block back to Fremont, skirting the milk crate panhandler team on the way, and then headed down to the Four Queens to eat at Magnolias Veranda.
CTUG Poster Meal.
They make a pretty good club. Not sure where the fries are though.
As we waited in line to pay using about 15 of our hundreds of Four Queens comp dollars, I noticed that Spock's Brain was on display. It had been 'decorated' for Hallowe'en, I suppose that's what it was. Not a very nice way to treat a Vulcan brain... but deeeee-licious!
Who put the sprinkles on the brain, huh?
Next stop, the Mikes Bar, where I hit Four Queens at the Four Queens. I was busy taking a picture for some reason or other when Mike reminded me that I could get a mug for hitting that hand. I didn't really want one for myself... but I did want one for one of my Manitoba cousins, the esteemed penguin rancher, Dr. Raoul Shiboubou. He'd left one of these mugs in his room at the Golden Gate, along with various snacks, beers, booze, and other things and the cleaning staff had chucked it all when they turned the room. The only problem was, they turned it one day early. He never got the mug back, either. Or the beer.

I was on a roll!... I thought.
I have a better chance at offroading on Mariah Carey's chest dunes than I do of hitting from four-to-a-royal. Which is actually kind of encouraging, in some sense.

I had a great time for a long time and lost but $20. QQ had lost $60 at the bar and another $60 playing penny hundred play, which she loves for some reason. I also did a quick stop at Silver Strike, which I always seem to win at. I got one of the coveted sock drawer weights, but threw it back at the cage. Lost $10 in the exchange.
It was nice to have a slower day, not playing much, since we have decided to just take it as it comes at the Nugget and burn whatever offers and freeplay we get. They keep coming for some reason.

This was a chance to kick back, watch junky TV, have a few cocktails, a long hot shower, eat a bunch of snacks, and so on. Take a nap maybe.

It's a good thing I was well rested, considering the incredibly surprising events that were yet to come.



At the Nugget.

Where this tale is... to be continued!


    1. I love it when you. . .
      leave us . . .
      hanging . . .

      like that. Certainly gives me something to look forward to! Just want to float a theory about why the Quad Queen seems to have so much better 4OAKs fortune than you. Body chemistry - that effects the inner workings of Class III machines. I'm 63, and I have an older sister who, to this day, can not wear a wrist watch. Doesn't matter what kind it is - analog, digital. If she puts it on - it stops running. Maybe Mrs. Flusher has something similar, but "in reverse", causing the v.p. machines to outperform their basic operation.

      1. Clearly powers beyond the normal sense are at work when QQ plays VP!

    2. Just to commiserate with you on four to a royal draws...

      Yesterday I was playing and was dealt AKQJ suited. Drew a wrong-suited T for the straight. Less than three minutes later was dealt KQJT suited. Drew a wrong-suited A for the straight.

      I feel your pain, and suffer with you.


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