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Friday, December 23, 2016

Float Like a Button Fly

Day 17 - Mon Nov 7, 2016 - part 2

50 cent Double Double Bonus had been very good to me lately. But I know the perils of thinking you can play this game with impunity.
Gratuitous food photograph. Mac 'n Cheese c. 2016
You can't. The variance will eat your bankroll like a swarm of buffet ploppies that dive in a frenzy into the crab legs that come out once every 45 minutes. Before you know it, there's no meat left, just a pile of pink, empty, elongated shells.

I decided to risk a single $5 crab leg into 50 cent Double Double. Just for a challenge, see if I could get anything started.

I got a paying pair on the first hand. I got a paying pair on the second hand. I got a quad on the third hand!
This was almost the best possible result. I started playing fast and free, like a genius maniac. I now had a decent stake upon which to build, at very little cost to me.

My hands were blurs as I tapped the buttons with just enough force to execute their deadly will upon the hapless Game King.

Fly here, kiss 2 buttons, and Draw. Fly there, flick 3 buttons, and Draw.

"Look at you go! Not bad for a dumb Canadian," said the Quad Queen.

"Baby, I float like a button fly... and sting like a beaver, you can't see the hands, when I pull the lever." I said as the credits sang their four-of-a-kind winning song.

"Well, don't let it sting too long, put some ointment on it," she said, in a rare Flusheresque comment.

I cashed $300 from that initial $5 bill.

Officially savvy.

I played some more while the QQ went up and bathed. Later I went up and bathed while she played and recovered some losses. Riveting reading, eh?

My play continued to do well (!)

We had dinner at the Redwood Steakhouse again.

I had some fun playing with the olive bowl appetizer contents.

First, my impression of an amuse bouche at the latest, trendiest gastro-fine dining salon de merde - Twee.

"Deconstructed Onion    
A hallucino-licious twist on the American classic pearl onion from a jar.
Pearl onion, plate    23"
Deconstructed onion amuse bouche.
On their Price Fixing menu, Twee offers a reconstructed reboot of the American classic Deconstructed Onion amuse bouche.

"Reconstructed Deconstructed Onion Reboot Appetizer
Hidden message of flavor disguised in this reboot of the American classic pearl onion amuse bouche - in an appetizer.
Pearl onions, olive, plate    28 (in season)"
Reconstructed deconstructed onion appetizer.
We had fun, and saved a ton of 23 and 28.

Dinner was fantastic again. There's a reason we keep going back.

The lobster bisque was a winner, creamy, loving tastes of lobster, not too heavy, not too salty.
French Onion soup. Our feedback that the top needed more browning was absorbed. Or they just made French Onion soup.
The lamb chops are just as good as before the remodel, and they've added a chunky tomato, onion, pepper sauce underneath. Jury is out on that part.
A new total delish dinner winner - the all new Mac 'n.
My current death row side.
We played more at Main Street on multiplay, and I kept it going and brought the day in a winner.

Not a bad last day, I enjoyed it so much!

And I managed to get my butcher's bill under $5K.
RF: Day +$240 Trip -$4815
QQ: Day -$500 Trip -$1750
Combined -$6565

We had part of one day left. Somehow we had to cram a full video poker tournament in before our limo arrived at 11:15am.

And the tournament starts at 10:00.

    1 comment:

    1. I have to admit it - I laughed out loud and am still chuckling over your Amuse Bouche. Hats off to you Sir Flusher. Betty AKA Grandmaw

      PS Sorry the gambling wasn't kinder to you and the Quad Queen. You'll get them next time - or is a win still up and coming....?


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