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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Forecast... Extended Periods of Bad Luck

Wed Dec 28, 2016

As amazing as our luck was yesterday, it is bad today. It's uncanny how bad. I did $4000 coin in before ever getting a single Quad.

The Quad Queen was in a similar boat. We were both down $400 or $500 and she managed to pull a rabbit holding a golden horseshoe out of her butt to get close to even.

For me, it's been a terrible struggle today.

I did get one quad on quarters and played it back.

And I just got two quick ones on dollars, and next thing I new I was even on the session. I cashed out my buy-in so I wouldn't feel like a total dork.
It's so bad, even when I get a paying pair, I get zero. Note the Win 0 at left.

Five minutes later I was at $100. I cashed it. I need a dollar Royal... badly.

It's such a shame that this happens.

But it does.


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