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Monday, December 5, 2016

Ghoul For You

Day 9 - Sun Oct 30 - part 1

Breakfast time at Wynn! Were we going to have the (no doubt) fabulous breakfast buffet for $23 a person? Or were we going to have in-room breakfast dining featuring things like The American for $18 or Breakfast Potatoes - $6?


We were going to have a healthy, fun, room-glamping elite-breakfast for two, the makings of which we had picked up at CVS the night before.

"Breakfast is... served!" I said in my most-Granville cloying yet uplifting tone. "Behold!"

Artfully presented, this healthy and yet sinful in-room dining breakfast will delight your cheap-ass pocketbook.
I'd put out yogurt, and almonds, and an open can of rocket fuel, and some trail mix, and some fruit mix that I'd left on ice in the sink overnight.

The Bacon Baroness blanched.

"You're not hungry?..." My face fell.

I picked it up and put it back on.

"Not for that," said the Quad Queen as she grabbed a half-eaten bag of potato chips off the bedside table.

"But it... it's artfully presented."

"Is there any Jameson's left? Go get me some artfully presented ice."

Well, one way or another, we'd shaved $40 or $50 off the Wynn bill, maybe more, thus sticking it to The Man.

So why was I paying to have a luxury experience in a fantastic luxury hotel and not willing to spring for an over-priced (but likely delicious) breakfast, served in an incredible setting?

You see, luxury is one thing. Needless luxury that I don't want to pay for is wholely another.

We headed down to the casino to play around for a while. I had a couple of cups of casino cappuccino, which was excellent as always, and the Quad Queen settled for pointies.
Four Aces with kicker on ugly short-pay Bonus Poker. Deal with it.
I think this one is mine, but it doesn't matter that much. It's still four 9s.

Like the night before, the music was awful.

I gritted my teeth while "How Will I Knowwwwwww" blared over and over again.

"God that's awful," said the Quad Queen.

"It sounds like someone put a cat in her panties."

"It would be funnier if it was a frozen cat."

"Yeah, a pussysicle in her pants. That would trigger some caterwauling!"

I had some things to take care of today, and fortunately my cousin Piffles took my subtle hint. He texted me that they would take care of their own flightplan and we'd touch down somewhere for dinner.

And for me, it was off to the actual airport - which of course I didn't tell Piffles!!!!! He would have wanted to come along for sure. Not that I would have minded the company for the first part, but I had a meet-up to take in - something that he probably would be bored at.

I had locked the time of Blonde's LasVegas4Ever meet-up into the steel trap of my incredible brain, and nimbly counted back the timings of everything I would need to do between then, and now.

The last thing I wanted was to get downtown too early. Nobody wants to be the first person at a party... no, I would be fashionably late.

The timing was perfect! I had it figured down to the minute.

I ordered a Lyftber and I was off - to pick up my rental car.
It went smoothly - but no fancy Poon Stang this time. Just a fairly nice driving Kia of some ilk.

I pointed her downtown, made it in about 11 minutes (just as I'd anticipated) and parked at the Four Queens at 5 minutes after 3:00.

Dead-on balls accurate.

I headed down the stairs to the street, passing a couple of youts on the way. They gave me no trouble. They knew I was a man on a well-timed mission. I took my time, and strolled into Hennessey's exactly as planned, ten minutes after the start of the meet-up.

I looked around, a big smile on my face and found - nobody. That was odd. Maybe I was in the wrong place?

I text Blonde and she said, "We're just down the street. Heading over soon."

Perhaps the group had gathered outside, or somewhere nearby. I ordered a beer. I sipped. I sat. I waited like a stood-up bridegroom, sweating, checking my watch, sad dog-eyes looking hopefully at the door.

I thought, wow, this is pretty bad, I look like a sweating sad-eyed doggy bridegoom, all at once.

Twenty minutes went by. By now I knew I'd arrived an hour early, like a complete idiot. I played some short-pay video poker to pass the time.

Finally Blonde and Kodidog waltzed in, looking like complete ghouls. That was great! For about 45 seconds. We sat and chatted and by God, it started to freak me out!

I don't think they believed it but it was really creeping me, talking to those ugly faces.

The meet-up was great. I got to talk to a lot of people, some of them not covered in blood and gore.

When I figured my beer was worn off it was time to head out - my cousin awaited.


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    1. Ha! Needless luxury. Good one! As my mentor Archie Bunker would say - "10 bucks puts a whole different complexity on the situation."


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