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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hammering Them

Tues Dec 27, 2016

I had a pretty good night. I'm sure you are all happy about that. Got up this morning, been drifting into Pacific time, so it's going to be hell when I go back East. I always have trouble adjusting.

Like a good little blogger, I went and got a 16oz coffee, and immediately dumped out a couple of posts to get this little Winny Christmas story right up to date.

I showered and shaved (not using the depilatory, I've been using conditioner) and grabbed breakfast at the coffee shop. The lineup was out the door and around the corner so I opted for the counter. Quick, hot, delish.

Yesterday I'd had a couple of good sessions on Pinchy, so I made my way there, stopping to dump three $20s on dollar Treasure Chest and various other high volatility flyers.

I played $20 on 50 cent Jacks and it went. I played another on 50 cent Bonus, and it flew. Parlayed to dollars in a couple of minutes, and I was off.

You see, I'm desperate for a dollar Royal. Or any Royal. I haven't had one in Vegas all year long.

Well, I banged those dollars hard, playing about 600 or 700 hands on the $20. I went all the way up to $200, down low, back up again, and then in 2 minutes I was out. I only a couple of quads, and a few near misses, and I always wonder if I should be quitting when I hit $200. I did the same yesterday.

This whole time the QQ was lying low upstairs, if that makes any sense.

I got on this incredible run on triple play Deuces. I was up right from the start and played about an hour on profit, and cashed out my buy-in. I came oh so close, so many times to big hands. I don't know why I can't close on these. I guess it's... luck?

I'd played this and that and had done so well at the beginning of the day, but things turned and I found myself, instead of $200 up, $300 down. I hate that.

QQ roused herself and we headed over to Main Street Station.

And this is where it got exciting. We both got on a multi-play flyer, but QQ in particular hit it out of the park.
She hit a ROYAL FLUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her second of the year, our first of the trip. A very welcome $1000.

More to come!

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