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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Need My Soup

Thurs Dec 22, 2016

I slept a bit better, but the Quad Queen was again up all night. Maybe she was staying up to sneak from my portion of the KFC.

Again, I had the Hot and Sour jones and again I ventured forth. Found an even better well worn dirty busy Chinese place with great prices - called K J. I even scored the last table at lunch - a Single Lonely Diner beauty.

I ordered the H.S.S. and the C.B.B.S. and the guy starts making noises about how big the soup is.

I'm like, "I don't care, I will eat as much as I can."

He leans in and says, "I take care blah blah Chinese blah soup blah blah hot sour blah soup."

I thought he was going to wing me a smaller portion.


He brought a tiny bowl of soup. And it's not hot and sour. I NEED MY FUCKING SOUP.
Not hot and sour soup.

The C.B.B.S was excellent and the whole meal set me back $6.95 including a pot of tea.

My next mission was to head downtown and play out some Nugget freeplay. I pocketed $100 profit from that.

I picked up a shitload of takeout food from Four Queens too. To foil Wynn's ridic prices, and to keep the classy in-room KFC factor going. Am I headed for a styrofoam cooler instead of luggage?....

Spent most of the rest of the day in the room, resting, writing a blog post. Did play a bit in the evening.

Near miss on the redeal.

Fri Dec 23, 2016

Moving day again. Back to Mandalay Bay.

I had a better night, but not the QQ. I walked out to CVS at T.I. on a medicine run first thing in the morning and got her a bunch of stuff. She was in bad shape. Got a chicken pita thing for my breakfast. Had it with potato chips and a tot of Maker's Mark. For health.

I pumped out another award-winning blog post and we got packed up. I took a load down to the car, and then came back for the rest including Mrs. F.

We moved back to Mandalay Bay. I dumped her and the luggage at the lobby. Valet parking was $18 for four hours. Fuck them.

I went and self parked and hauled ass back to the lobby, and got checked in.

Next task - walk over to McDonald's for a couple of Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese - which you've already heard about.

 I finally got my H.S.S and C.B.B.S. at the Noodle Shop in Mandalay Bay.
 Room service is fun at Mandalay Pay...
 I had a Johnny Rocket burger for dinner. Kind of pricey.

And that's it. You're all caught up.

Except for my post about shitty Roam Mobility.

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    1. It looks like she is in the hospital! They have bed trays at the hotel?


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