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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last Day In Vegas

The rest of the day finished with a whimper, not a bang. Or maybe it was more of a whoopee cushion Flarp.

I've had days like this before. You go to the casino, full of good intentions and hope, minding your own business, start to play....

...and bad luck follows you from machine to machine to machine. You can't hit a thing no matter what you do.

Sometimes a change in venue makes the difference, don't ask me why. Streaks are weird. And bad in your underwear.

It turned out that the Quad Queen was not in nearly as bad shape as I thought in the last post. At that writing, she was only down $80 on the day. I had hopes that she would cover my losses.

And for a while it looked good. While I was bashing at a triple play deuces machine, she hit this for $200:

I had an interesting Lazarus hand - wild royal on the redeal. Kept me in it for a while.

After a long break and seven naps, we went over to Main Street Station and was willing to risk $20 and that was about it.

And like that, my luck changed. In just a few hands, I hit four pointies.
I worked the game up to about $200 and that lasted me the rest of the night. Meanwhile, Mrs. F. got slaughtered on multiplay.

So it did end not so well for her.

We had buffet for dinner, which was find. Busy as hell. Thank goodness for the Gold card, to skip lines with.

We played a little Wheel of Fortune. I got to spin once and got the minimum possible. So much fun.

Anyway, I guess the good news is that I kept things under control for the rest of the day and even clawed back $20.

I'll be taking it easy today, no $10K coin in unless I'm winning all day long.

We're out on the red-eye tonight - I just checked in and upgraded to Premium Rouge. I need to be able to sleep some on the plane to face the 3 hour drive back to Flusherville in the morning.

Last day in Vegas.... what will it hold?

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    1. Another trip coming to an end. Can't you just move there so you can post daily??? That would work for me :)


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