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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Man-in-the-Moon Eggs Over Hard

Thurs Dec 28, 2016

I went down, grabbed a cappuccino from Lapperts, and strolled confidently over to where my nice little triple-play machine, the one that I've been able to play for a fairly long period on not too much cash, the one that I've been begging for four Deuces dealt, the one I don't think I've mentioned was and found it... gone.

Three hulking squawking mammoth bright as the sun loud as thunder video slot behemoths were being installed where my nice little old school machine was.

Fortunately, I found it way off in another part of the casino, and I commenced to play, constantly chanting that I wanted four Deuces dealt. I did okay, I guess, but ultimately spent $80, less $2.50, which is not enough for a hand.

I cashed that out and strolled the one step over to the nearest machine, shoved the $2.50 ticket in, and pulled up Boner Deluxe.

Played the first hand, nothing.

Played the second hand.

Dealt four Deuces.

Great! Good start, I'm up $20 and head off for breakfast. Coffee shop. Counter, where I ordered some coffee, sausage, hash browns, and Man-in-the-Moon eggs over hard.
After breakfast, the Quad Queen joined me and we played this and that, and it really didn't go very well. Parlays didn't work, 50 cent Double Double didn't work, Buffalo didn't work.

I was really starting to see today shaping up like a repeat of yesterday i.e. expensive and aggravating.

We headed over to the Fremont and played a little Pick-a-pair - the machines by the lobby are screwed up - 2 of them are now slots, and the other 2 have the not-fullpay paytable. So beware. I think the good paytable machines are elsewhere.

Next stop the Slutty Times Pay Bonus Poker machines. I blew through $60 pretty quickly, and then shoved in $100. If and when I lost it I'd be down about $300 on the day already.

Fortunately, it heated up for both of us and we hit a number of good hands with multipliers. Had a couple of almost-monsters, but couldn't seal the deal. I had four-to-a-royal dealt on triple-play, and the Quad Queen had it dealt on five-play. No royals.

I cashed out with $40 profit and Mrs. F made some money too.

We did about $6500 coin in combined.

While Mrs. F cashed her ticket in, I stuck a lone dollar in a slot machine that was at hand. First pull, I hit 50 quarters.
I played that until I had $20 and cashed it out.


That same $20 went into a machine at the Mike's Bar at the Four Queens. Before long, I hit... Four Queens. Hey, that still gets me a mug, right?

The slot attendant made me play off the four Queens hand. Are they really that worried that I might try to claim a second precious mug?

Next stop, a straight flush draw.
I played on but didn't hit anything else, and cashed out at $100.

I turned that $1 bill into a hundy! Savvy!

Mrs. F was still playing and took a break for a minute to go to the Room Where Ladies Go (To Go), so I took over playing for her.

She said later that she could hear me laughing all the way from the john. So, why was I laughing so hard?

I ran over to the Downtown Grand to play my $5 free play (got nothing). After that we poked around the Four Queens a bit more, she - hundred play pennies, he - 9/6 Jacks, and then headed back to the Cal, whereupon we rode up the elevator, and then in the room, I got my laptop out of the safe, and commenced to begin typing, with the words "Thurs Dec 28, 2016

I went down, grabbed a cappuccino from Lappert's, and strolled confidently over to where my nice little triple-play machine..."

And so on.

I left out one part though, first thing this morning, I checked in online for our flight tonight. I was hoping that the Premium Roudge upgrade wouldn't be too costly. It wasn't. $280, and that saves you $25 baggage fee. With the Quad Queen still Qoughing, it was a no-brainer.

She's fallen asleep while I'm typing this, so that's good. I'm heading to Walgreen's after lunch for six kinds of cough syrup. This has to stop!

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