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Monday, December 12, 2016

More Lovely Video Poker And Pizza Pictures

Day 11 - Tue Nov 1 - part 3

We'd gone downtown specifically to get free smartwatches. We'd eaten lunch at the Nugget. We'd fixed our credit line at the Nugget. We'd played our freeplay at the Nugget. We'd carted a shitload of comped take-out food through... yes, the Nugget.

No where in my Vegas-addled brain was there enough voltage to spark the memory, "Hey shitheel, remember what you came here for in the first place... FREE SMARTWATCHES. Dickhead."

My brain is pretty hard on me. We're in therapy though.

Nothing like a comped fridge full of comped food.
I told my brain that it had to use more "I" statements, it wasn't right to just dump on me every time a synapse went wrong.

So my brain said, "Okay.... well.... I... can see that you're a fuck-up. I... believe that our problems are all your fault. I... feel... that you are driving me crazy with your shenanigans and sleep deprivation!"

Fuck off brain, I hate you more.

The pizza was great. Yeah, even though it was room temperature, it was great. It reminded me of so many drunk pizzas from the past.

Hey Pisan, that's some goooooo dead pizza pie!
So, next, we really had to cram the rest of the pizza into the fridge - you know, for breakfast - cold. I usually pack my underwear and socks in large ziploc bags, and re-use them for the dirty ones. Everything had fallen out in the many moves and car rides, so I just grabbed a couple and loaded my pizza into one, and the Quad Queens pizza into the other.

I didn't tell her that I wasn't sure if they were clean gotch ziplocs or dirty, casino seat, sweaty crack gotch ziplocs.

If nothing else, I'm a man who knows how not to piss off his wife. Mum's the word.

We got everything into the fridge, and went down for some more asskicking.

Of us.

One of the great things about T.I. was the carpet in the foyer. Every time we went by, we'd jump from color to color as though we were on the Gamesters of Triskelion.

Since the pizza boxes were empty, I got to be 'that guy' who fills a public space garbage container full of dirty take-out food detritus.

And so it went.

That's all I got. At least someone was hitting something.

Meanwhile, I spotted the evil canister of the results of SCOOP - the Andromeda Scent. It contains gallons of untested and likely deadly chemical scent they funnel straight in to your lungs.

How I hate this kind of crap. It's a good thing that I use 'squeeze' to keep my blood in a constant state of acidosis.

Losing my ass every fucking day helps too.
RF: Day -$555 Trip: -$4955
QQ: Day +$240 Trip: -$310

I really felt, at this point, as though my trip were lost - irretrievable. I was severely in the hole and I'd had mostly nothing but bad luck. My biggest wins were, to date, the $250 or so keno wins at the Nugget.

I needed not only a quarter Royal, but five of 'em.

And there were nought to be found on my screens.

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