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Monday, December 12, 2016

My Smartwatch Is Smarter Than... Me

Day 11 - Tue Nov 1 - part 2

One of the things I like about the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas, is that you don't have to be staying in the hotel to take advantage of the promotional giveaways, or the freeplay.

I'd marked in big bold letters on my Jimmy Poon-crafted planning spreadsheet that today was the day we could pick up our FREE SMARTWATCHES. Who in their right mind wouldn't want one of those??? So much better than the dumbwatch I've been using.

It so happened that the Manitoba Miscreant, my cousin Dr. Raoul Shiboubou, was wanting to head back downtown to play some blackjack at the 'Gate and get hammered.

How I admired him!!!
We had an excellent view from our very high-up room at Treasure.
And we, the Quad Queen and I, had but one mission guiding our afternoon - GO GET SMARTWATCHES!!!! It was all going to work out perfectly. We'd give Dr. Raoul a ride downtown, and he could join us for a bite or not, we'd pick up our goods, blow our freeplay, and head back to T.I. for some serious 50 cent video poker.

We piled into the rental, and in ten minutes, pulled into the parking lot at the Nugget, where I managed to snag a very good parking space. Not El Primo Spotto, but a very good spot nonetheless.

Stop right there.

You are looking at a guy that figured out all the permutations and how likely they were to occur around "will the room be ready" and "how can I make sure I move the luggage the minimum possible distance". It should be no surprise whatever that I apply the advanced E.V. calculations for "is this the best possible spot" whenever I'm in a parking facility. I also subscribe to the wonderful periodical "Shortest Check-out Lane Monthly", and "Would That Woman Over There Have Sex With Me Under The Right Conditions", which comes out once every 9 seconds.

Male readers are nodding in understanding.

Parking spots matter. It's in our DNA. It's part of Hunting and Parking.

We walked into the Nugget and Dr. Raoul split to go and take care of some business at the D - freeplay or such.

Another plus for the Golden Nugget - the pool area is open year round.
I walked in from the far end and laid down RIGHT NEXT to that couple. Heh heh.
Claim Jumper is a chain, formula, corporate - all of those things - and yet, it hasn't let us down yet. The food has been pretty damn good!

We had enough Landry's gift thingies and Nugget points to cover the meal, which was cool. Mrs. F went for the Chicken Pot Pie, which has nothing to do with pot, has no chicken in it, and isn't a pie.

Okay, one of those.
Super yummy, with lots of prizes.
I had... something? Something with fries, that's for sure. And a bunch of 'fall vegetables' which means yellow squash and green zamboni, and... something... covered in cheese?

Okay, I figured it out. It was: HICKORY CHICKEN Marinated and grilled boneless chicken breast brushed with our smoky BBQ sauce, then topped with sautéed mushrooms and melted Jack cheese, served with squash, carrots, and zamboni.

It was yummy too. And nothing tastes better than free, right?

After lunch, Dr. Raoul found us just as we got embroiled in fixing an issue with our credit line. Readers under 40 might recall that in the last trip report, I spent significant effort fixing a situation where our slot club accounts had gotten merged somehow and I was getting two sets of offers.

The rest of us might remember what we went to the store for in the first place. And if we guess wrong, we get scorned and yelled at when we get home, and then if it was important enough in the first place ("RIGHT!!!.... a PLUNGER!!!!") we might very well be turning around and heading back to place thingy where the whatzits are.

The lovely and talented head of the credit department was wizard at getting things fixed, but it did take some time. Meanwhile, Dr. Raoul, although patient with his baby penguins back on the penguin ranch at home, was growing impatient with us while we stood there jawin' and yammerin' with the head pencil pusher.

It's like... there's nothing to do around here in the casino.

We played our freeplay in the Nugget and yes, our cards were working properly. And no, we didn't win. Dr. Raoul hung in there with us, and then we went to the Four Queens and played a little there. Nothing serious happened in that round of gambling fun and we parted ways. But I was sure we hadn't seen the last of the Good Doctor.

The next chore was to commit an act of cheap brilliance in the cheapskate parade that is my life. We went up to Magnolias and ordered a shitload of take-out food on our comp dollars there - to take back to T.I. with us - where our room was garnished with a refrigerator.

We ordered a couple of pizzas, and three Cobb salads to go. I'm tellin ya' the most difficult part of this day was driving back to T.I. with the cheesy scent of freshly made Chicago Brewing Company pizza pie wafting through the car.

Heaven in my nose!!!

We carted all the food up to the room after self-parking (no El Primo Spotto) and stored most of it in the fridge. Some wouldn't fit (the pizza boxes) so we just left them on the counter in the bathroom. They would have cooled off in the fridge anyway, so no loss - we planned to eat them room temperature or colder.

The goal at T.I. was to do $10K coin in per day combined, at least. Keep those freeplay offers coming, like the $400 beauty I got last summer.

Well, one more time, I got my ass kicked. Here are some shots from the video poker action.

Mostly the Quad Queen, right?

We went back up to the room to eat some food.

"Fuck." I uttered.

"What?" QQ replied.

"We didn't pick up the smart fucking watches."

More Lovely Video Poker And Pizza Pictures Follow.... click here!

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