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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nailing Them

Tue Dec 27, 2016 - continued

This has turned into quite a day.

We were both on a tear, hammering the ten-play Bonus Poker at Main Street Station this afternoon.

The Quad Queen had hit a $1000 Royal while I was eating buffet for lunch.  I rejoined her, and she'd moved one machine over - I took the machine that had coughed up a Royal.

Within an hour of the first Royal, she hit a second one. I wonder how many of you noticed that the closeup of the Royal at the top of the last post was not the one pictured later on. Jimmy Poon has taught me to be one sneaky sumbitch.

I had my share of luck too.
Five scratchcards please.
 At one point, I switched to Double Double Bonus Slutty Times Pay and was dealt quad 4s. I got to draw for kickers. Each hand is worth $100, and $200 if you have the Ace, 2, 3 or 4 kicker.

Kicker fail. But I wasn't upset in the least.
By the time we were done playing, we had a shitload of scratchcards, cash, and cashout vouchers.
That's about $2650 and $84 in scratch cards.
I can't tell you how happy I am that things are finally going our way. It was so nice to be winning and not feeling more and more dejected with each $100 in the hole.

We retired to the Keno Lounge for some classy relaxation, after getting drinks from the bar. (Thank you Gold card!).

We set up some keno tickets and downed round 1, and then picked up round 2 and headed upstairs. I wrote up that last post while we watched Keno. And damn, I came close. I still haven't cashed in to see exactly what I might have.

That done, we had different wants for dinner - she, buffet, me California Noodle House.
Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth
 I was seated by the very generous Jennifer, whose dark hair and black dress made my eyes stick in all the wrong places.

I was waited upon by the over-zealous Kory, who stood beside me, making me crane my neck, to tell me, "HEY there, I'm Kory, and I'll be taking care of you tonight. It's going to be a GREAT DINNER. The Weeknd is here... so stick around, and get anything you might want to drink. We'll be RIGHT BACK!"

I ordered Hot and Sour Soup, Potstickers, a large Maker's, and Kalbi short ribs.

 The potstickers were great, excellent dipping sauce.
The Hot and Sour soup.... wasn't hot (aka spicy), wasn't sour (not enough vinegar), and was starchy - too much thickening. Overall it was bland.

After the meal was over, I skooled Kory on what was missing - not enough white pepper, not enough vinegar, needed more heat from chilis, a little bit of sugar. Could use some sesame oil. And the cornstarch made the soup as stiff as a tent full of morning boy scouts.
Terrible photo of  delicous short ribs.
The short ribs were served on a cast iron plate, with sweetly seared onions underneath in the residual oil. They tasted heavenly. The ribs were delicious and I devoured them, adding bites of the typical Korean sides as I went - Kimchi, sesame sprout garnish, and spinach dressing.
Fucking piPhone. That's the color of Kimchi at right.
We regrouped in the casino to play a bit more.

We'd had an amazing day.

And it wasn't over yet. But I'm tired. So, come back tomorrow morning and I'll fill you in.

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