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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Pre-Christmas Frenzy

Had to call this post something....

I need to fill you guys in on some history about this trip, so the newer stuff makes sense.

For some reason, MLife is still sending offers, even though I've been stiffing them somewhat. Unbelievable, I was able to book two Mandalay Bay offers for this trip.

Was I surprised? I couldn't have been more surprised if Marlon Brando had shown up in my pied-à-terre with a handful of butter.


3 comp nights MBay, $75 free play, $100 resort credit, pay resort fees.
3 nights Wynn, pay for 1, 2 comped. No freeplay, so room camping necessary.
2 nights MBay, $125 free play, $100 resort credit, NO resort fees.
The Cal until we are outta here in a few days. Same deal, RFB, limo.

The idea was to work from the room for the first week, and not gamble much. Because Strip. It's nice to have nice rooms when one must be in it a lot.

We grabbed a limo at the airport and made it to Mandalay Bay. The guy at the counter offered me an upgrade to a suite at Delano blah blah blah and my eyes are rolling away as he's rattling off all this shit, right?... always selling you something.

...for $20 a night.

HELL YES, sign me up for that shit right now!
Quad Queen, the next day. 4045 nickels!
We didn't gamble at all that night. By then, I was sure that I was sick.

Yeah, fun.


    1. II am reading this correctly you will be Do for NYE,is that coorect? I am at 4 queens and would love to meet you and QQ for throw up gravy at Magnolias.


    Leave a message for Royal Flusher!