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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Quad King Queens

Sunday Dec 26, 2016

Well, today was a freakin' blast. I played my ass off all day, came oh so close to a royal I don't know how many times, hit all kinds of crazy gambles, and finished the day up $60 on $10K coin in, and full of lobster thermidor and cheesecake.

No complaints here!

We gave 10-play a try here at the Cal, I started with $20, which isn't much when it costs $12.50 a spin - and it didn't last, of course.

So I went for the hundy and in just a few hands I hit a monster, what you dream of when you talk about getting a decent dealt hand on multiplay, because in that game the deal makes all the difference.

We played a little more Buffalo, but nothing magical happened.

Then I got on a monster dollar Jacks run. I played $3000 coin in on $20. Had it up as high as $200, and it finally dumped on me. I was a bit distressed about that, because I should have ended that session a winner.

So, I thought, well, haven't seen a quad in ages, I'll try double double on the another machine.

Heh heh.

Here's some more VP action shots. Get your Jimmy Poon 3D Glasses on!

And then there was dinner. So enjoyable!

I'm almost over the crud, but the Quad Queen still has a rattly back alley cough that sidelines her for large stretches of time. I wish she could shake that.

I feel pretty bad knowing she probably got the virus from me.

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