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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Roam Mobility - Not Recommended - Terrible Service - Stay Away

This post is about Roam Mobility for Canadians who travel to the US.

Roam Mobility is not delivering what you purchase. Many, many customers have purchased service and gotten nothing, including me. Not recommended.

In the past I have heartily recommended Roam Mobility for inexpensive cell phone service with generous data allowances. And I've used them often in my trips to the US.

No longer.

I don't know what's happened to them - a buyout? - but they now suck rotting prairie oysters. Which are cow balls, just to be clear.

I purchased two 13 day plans for this trip, to start on Dec. 17, 2016. We changed our flights, so I added two one day plans for Dec 16, 2016.

Neither of the 1 day plans ever activated. We were stuck without cell phone use upon our diverted landing at Ontario CA. I tried and tried to get it to work and couldn't.

By the next day, they were still not working.

I used hotel wifi to look at the website and there was a service outage notice saying starting on the 16th, "due to an AT&T software upgrade", no new plans were being activated.

In a couple of days, they said the problem was fixed. But it wasn't. There are tons of complaints out there about no service.

There is no support staff to talk to anymore.

All they do is tell you to file a support ticket, in an automated response to email, Facebook message, or Twitter. The ticket response is also automated.

There were lots of Facebook comments describing no service issues.... one by one they get hidden so you can only see the most recent.

I am thoroughly pissed with Roam Mobility and will be demanding a refund and disputing the Visa charge.

Neither of the 1 day plans got activated. Mrs. Flusher's 13 day plan got activated after 5 or 6 days or so. My 13 day plan IS STILL NOT ACTIVATED.

Take a look at some of the exchanges on Twitter:

Here's a taste from Twitter and Facebook.

Here's some of my FB message exchange:

First, the only actual message I ever got from anyone:

The outage in and of itself has been resolved, and our systems are processing the extended queues of activation and provisioning that resulted from the downtime.

I paid for service starting Dec 16th. So far I've gotten nothing. My wife gave up and is using her Rogers roaming, so paying double now. Activate my plan NOW please. Support ticket (#####) SIM #######

Dear Flusher,

Please note this is an automated response based on the inquiry you sent.

Over the last few days, our systems have undergone significant upgrades which may have resulted in service outages for a very limited number of customers.

We apologize if your service was impacted by these system changes and believe we have resolved the majority of outstanding issues and delays caused by the maintenance at this time.

If you continue to experience service issues, please reply to this message within the next 4 days, otherwise your ticket will be automatically marked as closed:

If you have any other questions, please visit our knowledge base at:

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