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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sittin' Fat

Day 12 - Wed Nov 2 - part 1

Jimmy Poon: Hee heeee Flusher messed up again... he posted the first part of Thursday already. But don't worry, when he finally gets all of Wed Nov 2 complete, it'll be in the right order. He's such a Pho phace!

That looks suspiciously like my Canadian winnings from the Royal I hit in Flusherville Casino just before this trip...
Another day, another cold, congealed slice of pizza that looked like it was delivered from Tussauds.

But, it tasted like good gambling food to me!!
All it needs is some CTUG!
We hit the machines about the time my cousin, the Manitoba Miscreant, the one, the only, the Dr. with Penguin on his hands, Dr. Raoul Shiboubou started walking toward T.I. from Mandalay Bay. He'd taken advantage of another My Vegas free breakfast buffet. Good deal, $2 on the WAX from downtown, good meal, good exercise, ride back downtown with us.

It was my turn to take advantage of those horrible machines. Here's the upshot. I played Jack or Better for an hour and fifteen minutes on a $20 bill. WOOHOO!



That was more like it.

Dr. Raoul arrived and we hit the blackjack tables again. This time I dropped a hundy and he made a hundy, I think. I don't really remember because my brain shuts off at the point I drop a hundy.

We piled into the rental-mobile - it was just another stunning fall day in Las Vegas for three stunned Canucks.

This part felt suspiciously like the day before... park the car (somewhat closer to El Primo Spotto), go into the Nugget, do some business (in this case, converting some Canadian cash to American), and then go back to T.I.


Uh uh, no way, no how were we leaving the Nuggety Nugget without our free fantastic top-of-the-line super Smartwatches.

I was giddy! I love free stuff and I love gadgets.

"Do you think they'll be Apple ones?? Or maybe Samsung?" I said.

"Who cares," said the Quad Queen.

"I hope its one of those Gear ones or maybe a Moto 3...I hope it is a good one and not some sort of nameless piece of crap knock-off watch in a plain white cardboard box."

Finally it was our turn! We went up to the slot club counter and claimed our booty! Two factory fresh Smartwatches!!!!

There was only one thing to do - take the Nugget for some money. And so we did. I turned $40 freeplay into $85, and the Quad Queen turned $50 into $30 cash.

Next stop, the Downtown Grand where I had all of $5 in freeplay. I showed great restraint in playing it, and only it. Meanwhile, Mrs. F gave them $60.

I guess their little $5 plan worked this time.

We said so long to Dr. Raoul and headed back to T.I., where I had a delicious pizza luncheon planned.

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