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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Buffalo Finger

Tue Dec 27, 2016 - continued

Before we had left Main Street Station last night, I spied with my little road apple eye a nice couple of Buffalo machines. The left machine was occupied so I took the right one and gave it $20.

The other guy got the bonus round and had a really good showing. He kept winning more free games and won almost $200.

I finally got a bonus round and... won all of $2.00. As in two dollars. As in The Buffalo Finger.

Smart guy cashed out the $200 and ran, meanwhile, I ran my stake into the dust. Stupid Buffalo.

After dinner, I wanted one more shot at... Buffalo. Meanwhile, Quad Queen took a shot at a progressive Royal.

I spied two machines but by the time I got there, the right one was taken, which was the one I wanted. So I played the left.

I put $20 in and played some. The guy to the right of me got a good bonus round going. He won $160 or so. Not long after, he took the money and ran, smart guy.

Finally I got my own bonus round! I won... $4.00. As in four skinny buffalo hide dollars. What was the point of all the music and flashing lights around the game and jisming coins if I was only going to win $4.00???


The $20 gone, I dug in my wallet, and found a few $5 bills. Buffalo ate one.

And then I thought, well, the other machine had been good to 'that guy' so I might was well try it.

I played $5. Lost. Played another $5. Lost that. Then some tickets I had for $7.50, $0.37 and $0.12. Lost that too. And a couple of singles I had for tipping. Lost those too.

I decided, with the help of my very good friend Mark, who always gives me good advice, that it would be a wise thing to play $100 worth of Buffalo. It's only 60 cents a spin. (This is how disasters happen, btw.)

So, I shoved $100 in and got busy. I dropped only to about $96 before a few small wins came in and I was actually ahead a little bit. Good start.

And then I got a bonus round! I clapped my hands like a toddler about to get a piehole full of chocolate from Mommy.

The Bonus round started - 8 free games. Six of those went by with not much happening, but then I got two coins and a bell rang twice.

I started to salivate accordingly.

That meant that I'd get..... 5 more free games!

Then I won some credits, and some more, and salivated even more as another 5 free games were added.

And then 5 more. And then 5 more.

Then I just about blew my britches when I got THREE of them gold coins and that got me another bunch of free games.

About then I started to realize that this could be turning into something pretty good. I was up to over 40 free games, and had won maybe 50 bucks or so.
Then I got quite a few Beefaloos and that was okay.
And won some more money.
I was well over  the $100 mark and still had 11 free games to go or so. I texted the Quad Queen (who had retired) that 'I think I'm winning a shitload at Buffalo'.

I won more free games. It is pretty great to win 48 free games.
The thing went on and on and on. It was great! In the picture below, I'm up to 71 free games.
It topped out at 76 free games won. No $2.00 fuck you bonus round for THIS boy.

Total Bonus win - $427.80.

This made me very, very happy because now I would have enough, including my $100 buy-in, for at least 884 spins, and that's if I won nothing on every spin.

Don't be a sap, I played a few more insurance spins and cashed that sucker out.

It was a pretty great day for us here in Las Vegas. A really nice change from a general ass-kicking which has been the trend these days.

QQ finished up $2200, and I finished up $350. Let's hope Wednesday is just as good or better!


    1. Best of all you did not step in any Buffalo turds when dismounting the slot machine.

    2. Yay, yay, yay!!! So glad things turned around & here's hoping it stays that way. My disappointment is that I was in Vegas from Dec. 12th to the 19th, and at the Cal for the "Lucky Ducks" event the final 4 days - so just missed the chance to (maybe) meet RF & QQ. Had odd experience at MSS. Hit a quarter Royal on one of the older uprights that are located on the main floor in front of the Boar's Head Bar. It was a TITO machine, not a "coin dropper", but the machine locked up & required a hand pay. I've hit a couple other 25 cent royals at MSS, but they've always just added on to the credit balance.

      P.S. - Started getting sick on Monday afternoon, shortly before heading home that evening.

    3. I was betting $3.20 a spin on some version of Buffalo and won $.00 on 8 spins, bonus over. I was cussing like a sailor and fear I was nearing a stroke. ***k Buffalo! Until next time I'm in a casino, then I'll try again.


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