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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The German Sausage Station

Day 12 - Wed Nov 2 - part 2

We got back to T.I., parked (in a very manly semi-primo spotto), and headed up to the room to eat more left-over cold takeout Four Queens food because cheapskates.

I'd earned the requisite 4500 points you needed to get to play the Treasure Quest kiosk game, which promises chances to win from $25 to $humungous amount of dollars by swiping on the kiosk.

I swiped.

What would it be???!!!!
Well what do you think. $25.

 I'd take it.

I'd also take their fairly ominous-looking computer generated wish of Good Luck to come my way.

Honestly, ever automated everything (not to mention every casino employee) wishes you Good Luck. Buy a keno ticket, it says Good Luck. Cash a TITO, Good Luck.

Well guess what.

Yeah? Well chuck you, Farley.
We played. And we played. We had a pretty good time, all of us, that is both of us... except the Quad Queen.

She'd moved into my territory and was taking a major ass-kicking. Just at the moment I was doing well for a change. That seems to be how it goes, though.

I'd mounted a really nice comeback on some dollar and fifty cent video poker, including a beauty on Boner Deluxe.

QQ had taken her butt-kicking on the Degenerate X multi-play nickels games - which is why you see no shots of any winnings.

Amongst the stupid things I've done, this was one of the most rookie stupiderest. Put $20 in a machine and hit deal, expecting to play at 50 cents.

Nope, the machine was set to $5.

So I had enough for 4 credits. I had to put another $20 in, then I could play 5 credits.

Naturally, I got fuck all out of it.

By the way... if 4,500 points gets you $25 free play, look what you can do with $45,400 points - you can get four pseudo-crystal coasters. With Kate Spade's name on the box.

I bet these come in a plain white box labeled "COASTERS - CARDE DESIGN - BEST QUALTITY"
The poor QQ had really gone on tilt and was feeling it emotionally - lost a lot of money and denied the fun of playing and the joy of winning some. I know the feeling all to well.

She did the wise thing and went up to the room to eat cold leftovers and get hammered.

When dinner time came I thought I'd better use up a coupon I had that would get me half off a buffet.

T.I.'s buffet is hit or miss. This time... it was a miss. All the exact same selections as in the last year or so, except, inexplicably, a German Sausage Station. You could kind of find some things to eat, but nothing I got was really that enjoyable.

But meanwhile... I had a one way ticket to the German Sausage Station on the Frankfurter railway riding the world famous Big Bratwurst Express!!!!

I'd be slipping along the rails in Fraulein class, over the Möpse Mountains and through the split Lederhosen pass and sleeping in a bed of Sauerkraut!
CTUG and Disks.

So, the bratwurst and the other German thingy with gravy and the sauerkraut were the stars of the plate.
That yellowy orange stuff you see there is a sort of cheese soup, translated roughly from the Bavarian Cheesse Saupe. It tasted like it should be good but... I dunno. Not sure I liked it.

They had a Keno promo going - buy a ticket get one free or something - to get you to try the new Keno game they'd introduced in the buffet.

Great deal, so I did it. Won a dollar and gave it to the runner.
I do not know why I took this photograph of a giant glass of water.

Not exactly a 'swingin' hot spot'. Maybe everyone is on the 
Game 7 was on every TV in the joint, and I'd had enough for one day, so I headed upstairs to watch the last 3 1/2 innings. The Cubs finally won, in case you hadn't heard. First time in quite a few attempts.

If the Cubs can do it, maybe I can hit a Royal.

It was a fun day for me, a decent comeback at the end and only down $100 for the day. To me, that's pretty acceptable. Overall, though, it was a disaster.

RF: Day -$100 Trip -$5055
QQ: Day -$700 Trip -$1010
Combined: -$6065

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