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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Patented Flusher Six Lane Cut-across Trick.

Day 14 - Fri Nov 4

Having abandoned the idea of trying to build a host relationship at T.I., and not pleased with the reduction in games, and not pleased with getting my ass kicked all the time... we had to ponder whether we should tip our host at all.

I pondered for about 3 milliseconds.

Pulling up our folio on the TV in the room, I saw that we had charges of about $500 for the room, and $90 for food. What happened to three comped nights???

So I texted my host to have her look at it. The reply came back "I'm on my day off and I'll look into it tomorrow. Or you can go see a host at the office."

I texted back "I'm on my day off and I'll look into tipping you tomorrow. Or you can go take a flying leap into Buccanerror Bay."

Not really, but in my texting fantasies I did. I dealt with another host that was very helpful indeed. She got the comped rooms sorted and picked up most of the food.

So, going forward, I'll take the room/freeplay offers as long as they keep coming, and play as long as I'm winning. After that I guess this little experiment is done.

We packed up our stuff, checked out and headed down the strip to... Luxor! Yes, Luxor!


About $185 in freeplay and free nights in a tower room, that's why. No resort fee, either.

As we approached the awe-inspiring 30 story pyramid, shining like Pharaoh's gold in the morning sun, Mrs. Flusher said, "Crib Angel Eyefuck?"

"Excuse me?"

"Crib Angle Eyefuck? On the tower there?"

It's "Criss Angel, Mindfreak."


That kept me laughing for quite a while.
You know it's hard out here for a chimp.When he tryin' to get this money for the rent.
We checked in, blah blah blah, stuff up to the room, blah blah blah, and then down to the casino to do the freeplay and see where things stood. Because we had other plans.

I played very well, and when the freeplay was done I had $241 on the meter. And I cashed $220 of it, in a fleeting fit of Savvy.
That done, it was burger time! At the Orleans!

We drove over there (okay, actually I drove), taking the freeplay proceeds with us, not even looking in the review at Suxor. Muaaaaa-hahaha.

Not really familiar with the Orleans, I kind of missed the valet lane and found myself in some other lane, but undaunted, I did the patented Flusher Six Lane Cut-across Trick.

Put your unlikely-to-be-patented Jimmy Poon Signature 3D Glasses on and check this out.

It raised a few bumpers, but got the job done.
Since I didn't get a Corporate Burger at TGIHoosiz, and the Burger Queen was ready for a repeat between the buns (watch it, you), we headed straight in and ordered up.

"I'll have an Out of Focus Burger with fries, and QQ here will have a Depth of Field Fail burger.

The food arrived and I checked out the innards of my Out of Focus Burger.

 That looks like a close-up of a monkey's butt, said the Quad Queen when she first viewed my image of it - obviously inspired by the stuffed chip we'd seen earlier.

The burgers were amazing, really nice job on them. Good bun. So maybe that's why there is about 900 TGIFridays out there. Or maybe its just the name. After all, there is only one HSIMonday. (Holy Shit It's Monday) in North America.

We played and I got on another great hot streak. Quads falling from the sky! Supplemented by likker. And burger burps.

Here is a kind of a weird hand - I put this out there on the boards a while ago asking 'what's unusual about this hand?'.

And the answer is it is four-to-a-royal on the redeal. I threw all five cards away and almost got a royal.

Now that I think about it, there's nothing at all unusual about me not getting a royal.

Let's look at some Quads!

Four Pointies!!! No kicker, though.

Was I done?

I was not.

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