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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Romantic High Life at Delano

Monday December 19, 2016

I did my work as required. Sick as a Calcutta call girl. I worked for a couple of hours in the Delano coffee thingy area whilst sipping a coffee. They had some nice background chugga-chugga music on, the kind Wynn used to have.

Car pick-up. Great. We took an Uberlyftber out to the Rental Ranch and then drove to a Walmart I know on Eastern, on the same runway we almost crashed on.

Purchased lobby store foiling inexpensive supplies. I bought a half bottle of Jamie on arrival night for $27. Marlon Brando!!! At Walmart, we bought 1.75l of Schmirnoff attitude adjuster for FIFTEEN BUCKS. Now that's good drinkin'.

We bought a case of water, cases of diet Coke, and ate at McDick's. We also bought room camping supplies - salads in plastic and add-on deli meats and the like. MGM and their high prices can suck it.

I took a nap and got chilled and took about an hour shower. Later I did hit the casino for a bit and once again Buffalo was good to me.
$192 win on Beefaloo.

Look familiar?
Tuesday December 20, 2016

I worked for half a day, then got hold of Norbert and told him I was taking a day and a half off sick, and would take the last 2 days of the week as vacation.

We were both flat out snot spewing sneezing lung horking piss your pants sick.

You think its romantic living the high life, eating Carl Buddig deli meat out of the package in a fancy two-room two bathroom strip view suite at Delano?

It snot.

But better than being at home, actually.

Here are my notes from Tuesday:

"Day 5 Tues Dec 20, 2016

Move to Wynn

Get ass kicked."

Ima def run out and buy at Bally after seeing this boss photo of peeps I kin relate to.
So, yeah. we had to move out and check in at Wynn. And no way was I paying for valet. So that made it complicated. Fortunately, I got El Primo Spotto, right outside the door to the casino.

With work off my plate, we could just lay low. I went and bought a pizza thingy on happy hour special. $11. But it was shite. It was like it was premade and then reheated. What the Steve Wynn Ice Swan fuck???
Eat as dinner, or use as a paver in the garden.

That's shit quality.

Beefaloo rocked again until I gave it all back.

Wed Dec 21, 2016

The Quad Queen was up all night horking and spewing. I didn't sleep well either. My Fatbit sleep thing is composed of a hundred vertical blue lines, one for every time I was 'disturbed'.

Consolation - casino cappuccino's brought by drop dead gorgeous CW.

By now I needed - I mean needed - hot and sour soup and chicken in black bean sauce. For health. Serious.

I picked a restaurant that I'd heard of. Big Wong. Yeah. Just my kind of place. Drove and found it.

It had everything you want in a chinese restaurant - dirty, well worn, full of Asian lunch customers - except one. They don't serve hot and sour soup. For good measure, they don't serve chicken B.B.S. either. Nor do they have glassware or cutlery.
Park your Big Wong here.

I ate ribs in B.B.S. which was more like a runny gravy. Was ok, but completely unsatisfied. At least it was cheap.

I also picked up a bucket of KFC and some shave cream, which turned out to be a depilatory. Great if you want to get your face as soft and supple as a stunt crotch.

I did get in a little play.

Yet another royal tease. I held the 9 like you're supposed to. Got shite.

I went and had a Zooozaburger and saw a man exhibiting the East Lithubergian Deli Stance in a fashion that was textbook picture perfect.
East Lithubergian Deli Stance

East Lithubergian Deli Zooozburger
The burger was downright fantastic. Cole slaw, burger patty, pastrami, swiss, Russian dressing. Yumsters.

    1 comment:

    1. What weird combo on the burger. Glad it worked. That deli stance screams "my back hurts from sitting in casino chairs too long".

      Have you ever eaten at Ping Pang Pong in Gold Coast? It's awesome! Not sure if they have CBBS though?
      I get the pepper beef medallions, night market fried rice or some spicy chicken dish.

      I need to explore that off the strip asian food area. my local friend raves about it but says Ping Pang Pong is just as good as those places. Anyway, enjoying the report.

      N M chop


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