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Monday, December 26, 2016

What's Delano With You

This'll be another catch-up post.

Sat Dec 17

Woke up in Delano sick. Damn that sucked. Your basic cough-up-a-pancreas nose torrent.

I happily saved $4.50 by using a k-cup I brought for coffee. I demanded breakfast buffet - for some reason I was fixated on omelette and sausage.

We played a little, went up and had naps, and I punched out a blog post for the Hallowynn trip report. Took a really long hot shower.

 Dinner at Citizen's Arrest or whatever the fuck it's called. I can now recommend the lasagne. I do not recommend the Disco Fries. Horrid. QQ's chili was good, the corn muffin grease-bomb was an abomination.

I managed to do a quick hit on triple play dollar jacks to get me to within $80 of even so that was ok.

Sunday Dec 18

We walked to Excalibur for some reason, to look at a new breakfast place, one look and we bailed for our alternate, Pyramid Cafe.

 Barnyard poker was a riot.

Keep it classy, Delano!
 I felt that I would perish without hot and sour soup. This would be a recurring theme.

I discovered a new talent for Buffalo.

I've heard a lot about Buffalo over the last few years, and thought I'd give it a shot.

On my third pull, I won some free games, which begat more free games, which begat more free games and a shitload of money.

So now I like Buffalo.

This was taken well into Sunday evening right in the casino. Detritus from Saturday night. Employee swinging her arms 10 feet away.

That, is a fingernail.
We had buffet for dinner and stocked up on emergency cream cheese.

Let it be known that I won $40 today and was down only $40 on the trip.


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