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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Winny Christmas and a Savvy New Year

That HalloWynn trip report was a brute to write. But I was determined to finish it in time for Christmas. Made it just under the wire.

We're back in Vegas! Live! Barely.

Norbert, the sniveling tyrant under which I am a serf for Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer in Flusherville, ON, where I spend my days watching $400,000 worth of machinery poop out 0.3 cent size 7 grommets, pulled me off the line to do some data entry.

Jimmy Poon convinced Norbert that it would be more efficient for me to do this work offsite. He didn't say 'where' offsite. Meanwhile, the Quad Queen had racked up a couple of week's vacation, and I'd already booked Christmas week off.

So, I went through the offers, got flights on Avion points, booked a bunch of rooms, and we were set.

The plan was to arrive last Saturday, Dec 17th. Plans don't mean shit until they are history.

So here's what happened...

Coming off such a long trip report, I'm sure you are as sick of reading stupid jokes as I am of remembering them from when I was 9.

So here's the deal.

This isn't going to be another Encyclopedia Flushanica blow by blow spend 6 paragraphs writing about the search for stevia sweeter kind of thing.

To make up for that, it'll be live. (Except for some catch-up on the stuff that's happened already.)

It'll be just highlights.

I'm just going to put out small updates when I can, throughout the day, hit 'n run. So refresh the website, or watch Facebook for links.

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