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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Winny Christmas, Flushies

Man, it gets busy for Christmas proper in Las Vegas. Most of the last week was dead, started picking up about two days ago.
Still got it! I got a $3 one too.
Christmas Eve and this morning, Mandalay Bay was a zoo. I mean crazy busy, and full of slow moving, cud chewing, spitting, baying, flapping, shedding and shitting animals - including myself, as you will see in The Cheeseburger Affair down below.

The buffet lineup was about a mile long. A nautical mile. Either that or 75 yards.

Mandalay Pay Buffet line.

Fortunately, we were checking out. So glad to get out of there and downtown where, instead of being a nobody in a big property, I'm a nobody in a smaller property.

Christmas Eve was.... laid back. Two days previous, Mrs. F sent me on a mission - to fetch two Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese, and two Large Fries from the McDick's across from MBay. I did as instructed.

The one leftover DQPC was gingerly secreted in the minibar fridge, atop the $9 cans of beer. It's like defusing a 007 bomb to pull this off, one false move and your bank account gets drained.

Fast forward to last night, the DQPC didn't get eaten.

We'd had an okay day at MBay, and my Christmas Dinner was a giant burrito from Hussongs. They are off my list, though, I had the recurring problem of them not being able to deliver piping hot food, and two of the three salsa have been replaces with something that tastes like blended up Pace salsa with store BBQ sauce added. AND the green one, the favorite, is gone.

After that we gambled and such, and retired to the room to have a nightcap and watch Elf, and then some of Christmas Vacation.

I was feeling a bit peckish. Hard to believe, since I had a burrito just two paragraphs ago. (Six hours).

So I got out the emergency DQPC (without tripping the alarm billing system) and inspected it.

Well, yeah, so McDonald's food does not refrigerate well.

OMG the thing was grim. I was brave and took a few bites.

And then I channeled my inner Martha Stewart. And just like that, we had us a Christmas Tree (with cheese).

So here's the zoo at Mandalay Bay this morning.
Checking in at Mandalay Bay. Merry Fucking Christmas.
We headed downtown (rental SUV) and checked in at the Cal.

Sweet progressive, but heavy variance, on dollar Double Double.

If I hit it, you'll be the first to know.


    1. Confused, and drunk, and reeling over George Michael dying.... are you still in Las Vegas? Did I read the Leaving Las Vegas post in wrong order? Do I need to lay down? HELP MEEEEEE! (I'll just lay down now, help can await. Thank you)

    2. Best not to eat Mickey D's after the 20 minutes that they give it at the store.


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