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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wynning Nickels - the Nickels part

Day 8 - Sat Oct 29 - part 5

At T.I., I left everyone at the lobby and marched over to the player's club desk, to see if I could do better on a room. I ended up speaking to the host on duty, who was very good about checking on casino rates - and it turned out the rate I had gotten was lower than the current casino rate. Not only that - the hotel was now sold out. There were no rooms at any price.

We'd beaten the weather, gotten in under the wire, and dodged a bullet. Piffles and I went up to the check-in desk (where they did not inquire about Piffle's net worth). The guy was very efficient, but didn't make us feel all that important) and he did the needful. He even asked me if I wanted to have my name added to the room registry.

I said no, but we did ask for three keys.

Walking back to the ladies and the luggage, I said to Piffles, "You realize that the check-in guy thought we were an item..."

Piffles laughed. "Nice to know I have an alternate runway," he said.

The room was fine, and had a north strip view. We celebrated our one hour and ten minutes of sobriety by breaking out the liquor and having a few.

After some time, some time had passed, so we headed down to the casino for a look-see and dinner at the Coffee Shop. (Why hadn't they called it something snappy like Son of a Bitch Coffee Shop ???)

I had an omelette, Piffles opted for Pho (which is also known as Soup with Prizes), the Quad Queen had - oh who cares. Here are food pictures.

Soup. With Prizes.
After dinner, we showed our guests a bit of video poker, walked around, talking, looking at things. We headed outside and within 30 seconds of hitting the Strip, were accosted by a drunk.

I steered him very firmly away from the rest of our party and got him distracted enough to send him off to bother someone else.

"Welcome to Las Vegas," I said to Piffles and Ronco ("Roni!!"). We had a quick look at Mirage and took the tram back to T.I.

At CVS, we all loaded up on room camping supplies and then said good night. The Quad Queen and I hoofed it back to Wynn and left Piffles and Ronco ("Roni!!!!!!") to their own devices.

Back at Wynn, neither of my slot cards would work. At the Red Club desk they asked me if they had been near my room key.

And that's when I heard the stupidest thing I've ever heard ever at the Red Club slot desk ever.

"The room keys erase the slot club cards. You should probably keep your room key away from your credit cards too."

To me, this is just unfathomable. It should be fixed immediately!!!

I didn't have much luck but the QQ beat the crap out of nickel Ultimate X, reigning over the four-of-a-kind kingdom.

Meanwhile, I repeated my very popular parlor trick of being dealt four-to-a-royal on multi-play and coming up empty.

Note that I had a 12x multiplier on the bottom line. I was one card away from 48,000 nickels ($2,400).


RF: Day -$320 Trip -$3500
QQ: Day +$450 Trip +$310
Combined: -$3190

Failed four-to-a-royal attempts: RF: 44 QQ: 1 or 2

There was one more bit of good news - my contact at the Cal emailed to say that the Quad Queen won $100 in the video poker tournament.

Hot damn!

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