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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Las Vegas Trip-plannin' Gyrations - Downtown

Time for some Trip-plannin' Gyrations!

The way this is shaping up, I'm going to take a different approach to the bankroll than usual, and try to keep the costs down.

The goal will be simple. Win. Their. Money. (And keep expenses reasonable.) (And have a good time doing it.)

So... how?

  • Lower the volatility
  • Don't engage in any high coin-in for delicious comp meals self slutification exchanges
  • Have a ruthless plan
  • Hit and run
  • Do lots of other stuff in Vegas that will produce many colorful, engaging, and entertaining photographs of my personal and very clumsy discomfiture at various junctures and locations

The Comp Landscape Downtown

As you play more at a place, generally, you get more offers. As you play less, they recede. As you stiff them completely by hitting and running the freeplay, they disappear.

And the other way is to have a good host that values a certain amount of coin in and will front you lots of goodies.

Over the last 18 months I've done a lot more stiffing than relationship building. I've stiffed here, I've stiffed there, I've stiffed in a tower and a Bellagio flower. I've stiffed in a castle, a pyramid, a bay, I've stiffed out a Nugget, and all in one day.

Golden Nugget Comps and Freeplay

Over the last five or more years, as the Nugget has invested in infrastructure, doo-dad-ey coloured light thingies, and room renovations, the playing conditions have eroded in lockstep. Particularly, the video poker paytables are abysmal, with their bartops being worse than many strip bars.

One has to assume that the slots have been similarly ratcheted tighter than a pair of size S Mark's Work Wearhouse giveaway spandex underwear on a size XL Flushiepants.

They have decent blackjack rules - right now. And it's hard to mess with craps (unless you skin the payout on the field boxcars like the Golden Gate recently did - 2:1 instead of 3:1).

It's been a pretty steady comp with three nights, no resort fees, and around $50 freeplay twice or three times a month.

But I've burned this to the ground, dropping in, playing the freeplay on my and Mrs. Flusher's cards, and walking with the proceeds.

Well, it's caught up to me. The offers have dried up in the last 2 months for both of us. So it looks like the Smug Nugget is off the table.

The California - Limo, RFB

It's been a sweet run at the Cal. $10K a day coin in per person got us a gold card good for anything we wanted food and beverage wise across the Cal, Main Street and Fremont, room (suite if we wanted it), and limo service.

However... I don't want to play $10K a day. In fact, this trip, I don't want to have any strings to any property. I must be free to come and go as I wish.

There's still the corporate offers, usually 3 nights and $40 or $50 freeplay, so maybe I will just burn down this play as well. We'll see.

When $10K a day coin in goes bad, it can be pretty damn expensive. And when the Royals aren't coming... you're in trouble.

Downtown Grand

They've cut me off. I get discount offers. So that's a no-go for accommodations this time.

The Rest

Like at many properties, The Quad Queen continues to get better offers than I do. She's good for a few comp nights at the El Cortez.

Meanwhile, I'm good for a 6% discount on drinks at the bar, but only when Lenny is serving, and not after sundown. And I have to be wearing my Flintstones pants to get the discount.

The D keeps throwing me a few minor coupon bones - $5 freeplay, $5 match play kind of thing. Yeah I'll do that.

The Four Queens sends casino rate offers and that's it.

Binions sends $20 freeplay. Woot!!!!

Plaza, Nada.

Oddly, I have a corporate offer for Sam's Town - 3 nights and $50 freeplay. I have no idea why. The last time I played there I did a coupon hit and run.

Summing Up

It would appear that my best bet for staying downtown is to take a corporate offer at the Cal. I don't plan on playing anywhere near my historical average. Not sure what that is going to do to things. We'll see.

Next up... the Strip Comp Outlook!

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    1. Holy Tiger Turds Batman! I hope the Mirage can at least upfront comp you the sole remaining unremodeled 1990's Sigfried and Roy Secret Garden Tub room out way back by the Tiger dung storage facility.


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