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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mood, Celebration, Solace

Here's a rundown of the facts of the Long Playing Trip. It's called the Long Playing Trip for two reasons. One, the budget is split into thirds - 33 1/3ds that is. Second, I would be playing selections from the vinyl back catalog of Royal Flusher Records at various points in the trip to provide mood, celebration, and solace as needed.

(Didn't you know that Flusher has made almost as many round vinyl records as he has grommets? It's true!)
A lucky penny I found on the plane! American too, for American luck!!!
The three budgets are Blackjack, Craps, and Video Poker (VP, Slots, Keno, Dominoes, Sports bets, and everything else). Each budget has $1000.

The accommodations are as follows:

  • 2 nights comped at the Tropicana, $10 free play each day, expires at midnight
  • 3 nights comped at T.I. with $200 freep lay
  • 6 nights at the California Hotel and Casino
Now, let's talk about hosts and the Cal. I've had mixed results with hosts, even the ones I've taken good care of. I even had some trouble with my host at the Cal, but it was fortunately sorted out fairly quickly by email.

For this, I knew I would not be hammering $10K a day through the machines, nor did I want to. I wanted the pressure off, and complete freedom to gamble where, and how I wanted.

I booked the corporate offer for 3 nights at the Cal, with $20 in food and $40 free play, and booked 3 more nights at casino rate. Then I emailed my host:

Dear Host,

I am coming in to the Cal for a visit in May, but this trip will be a bit different. I know I will not be playing very much this time as I have a lot of other activities booked during the days.

Because of this, I booked my corporate offer online, and added 3 nights at casino rate. I didn't think it would be fair to ask for all the goodies like gold card when I know I will not be playing very much.

Yrs, Royal Flusher

Well all those 'birthday cards' paid off. I got an email back:

Dear Royal Flusher,

I've comped your other three nights and set you up with a 4 day meal book. See you soon!

Yrs, Your Host

Sweet! So I would have 12 nights comped in Vegas!

For transportation, I was booked on WestJet from Ottawa to Toronto, and then Toronto to Vegas. I'd drive the 1984 Toyota Tercel to Ottawa from Flusherville. NO AIR CANADA THIS TIME.

Do you think I'm hard on Air Canada? Unfairly? Well, I think I am fairly hard on them, which is to say, hard on them, and I think it's fair.

In the next post, I'll reprint the rant I wrote while sitting on the tarmac in Ottawa, but I'll update it with stuff that's happened since then.

It's kind of tricky manipulating the live posts into the more expansive full report without breaking links, but hopefully Jimmy Poon has eaten his pussy willows today.

I have no idea what that means, but thought it sounded vaguely rude, and that's good enough for me!

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    1. Freep lay at T.I. Can't wait to hear about that. lol


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