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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Name That Trip!

The next trip to Fabulous Las Vegas is coming soon, and I have my bankroll and strategies pretty much figured out.

If you go back a couple of posts, you'll see my Dice Doctor inspired craps strategies, and my basic strategy blackjack parlay outline.

The final pillar of the debauchery triumvirate is VP and slots. My video poker approach has been well documented, so that's no surprise - practice full pay games, memorizing the best holds, plan to play only the best machines, and then at the last minute take a flyer on video Keno or some terrible paytable bartop because I had a 'hunch'.

A really terrible thing happened to me this fall the first time I played Beefalo - I won.

I hit an amazing bonus round on the third spin I ever played on that game, hitting for $464.35 on a 60 cent bet. Of course, this has spoiled me forever. To add insult to degeneracy, I hit for over $400 a second time on the same trip. Lifetime, I am a Beefaloo wiener.

And, sadly, I found out that I like some video slots. They are terrible bets, and should only be played by losers, those that don't know better, and those that do know better and are losers, aka me.

So, I will be playing some pretty good VP machines with good paytables, and some really fun video slots with really bad payback percentages.

Another thing about those silly slots (and you have to admit, they have put a lot of effort into the very entertaining bells and whistles, so its, well, entertaining) they are the thing to do if you are just hanging out with someone, having a few, and having some laughs. It's hard to do that when you are concentrating on making every video poker hold exactly correct.

I think it's a pretty good balance to play most of my budget on low percentage table games, and have some fun with the rest.

To add to my three loci of gambling (don't ask me, Jimmy Poon suggested that koo-koo word in his copy edit pass), I have my free play here and there, and coupons from the Las Vegas Advisor, and the American Casino Guide to pump up the bankroll a bit.

And here's what it comes down to.

$1000 on craps.
$1000 on blackjack.
$1000 on machines.

The goal?

Win at any cost.

That's an even third on each category.

33 1/3 percent.

So, in not too terrible many days, I will embark on another mission to win money, have fun, and embarrass myself in this blog on the...

Royal Flusher's Long Play Trip Report

Stay tuned!


    1. RF What's the total days in Vegas for this debacle?

    2. Royal, are you sure 1/3 towards slots is wise? Might you retink?

      1. Of course its not wise! :) So, that third includes VP - not as bad.

    3. Flusherville to Las Vegas 3K Lost Cause Blues

    4. Good luck Flusher! Sending a donation your way to use on the Beefalo (love my Beefalo Gold- won $690+ on $.60 bet!)

    5. The burning my comps to the ground trip!


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