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Friday, June 2, 2017

Playing Ms. Senior Grabass

Day 1 - Tue May 16, 2017 - continued

The following is a reprint from the original live posts, with a little more Flushiepants goodness bolted on to the end. Don't worry, I'm putting out a brand new follow-up post right after this one!

With my two night comped room offer at the Trop, I got $10 freeplay per day. Hitch - Tuesday's would expire at midnight. I knew it would be a bit tight getting from the airport to the Trop before the slot club closed at 12:00am but I figured I'd have time.

Since we were delayed, my little Flusher Feet hit the carpet in Terminal 3 at 11:10pm. Next, I rode the "assume the position, prisoner" bus to the Grande McCarran Rental Voiture Facility and Casino.

I'd gotten an email saying that my rental car was a Volkswagen Asshat, parked in slot F13. I wouldn't have time to change it. One Asshat is as good as another, I figured.

By the time I was loaded up in the car it was 11:45. Fuck!

I hauled asshat out of the facility and made the three rights to get onto the Strip. (Three rights don't make a wrong!). I got almost every green light on the strip except the last two.

With five minutes to go, I promptly missed the Trop valet driveway off Tropicana - construction obscured it. This cost me another red light and a precious couple of minutes.

I was out of the Asshat and waiting for Chico Enchilada to amble over to me in Valet with five minutes to go. I wanted that ten dollars, goddammit!!!

Chico waved at me a couple of times while he chatted with somebody 30 yards away. It was not just an ordinary wave. It was a meaningful wave - the kind of wave that says "I will be there very shortly and promptly, just as soon as I fuck you out of your $10 freeplay."

Finally, Mr. E ambled over, took my keys, car and three bucks, and I practically ran walked very fast straight to the slot club booth with my luggage. Two minutes to midnight!

I got to the booth and... nobody there. There was a sign stating that they closed at midnight. IT WASN'T MIDNIGHT.

Not a great start to my vacation, I was out $10 already, but at least I scored a bunch of adrenalin and cortisol and probably a silent coronary.
Fatbit proof, sort of, that I was at the booth on (Eastern) time.
I got my room, and a cookie, and hauled my stuff up there. I was exhausted but of course, had to hit the casino!

I think that qualifies as reasonably degenerate!

I picked a machine at the bar, ordered a bourbon as big as my ego, and got busy. Of course, the paytable sucked. Of course, the machine also sucked. $20 gone.

The Flushie instincts run deep. Even though it had been nearly 6 months since I'd caressed any kind of gambling device. I immediately changed machines. Didn't matter that I was dog tired and had to do alllll the work of pulling out my card, moving my drink, changing stools... on and on.

But I did it, and was rewarded.



    1. What?! We can make gambling donations so we can vicariously live thru your trip reports. How big of a donation do I have to make to get you to play Bridesmaid slot or Cougarlicious?

    2. Love the report and especially the Poon-o-mattic Gamble Gauges! As always love following your reports, (Seadog67 formerly Tbone3336)

    3. You're in the green!! Way to go RF!!

    4. Your McCarran to Marquee Rewards both time is impressive! RedChip

    5. Sorry the Beefalooo did not cooperate! Best of luck on the rest of your trip!


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