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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Take a Hike

How many times have I heard those words, "Take a hike, D bag"!

For once, I thought I would follow the advice graciously offered by so many lovely ladies that I have tried to strike up conversations with. Apparently, Victoria's Secret is not a good place to meet some new faces.

It's getting a bit hotter in Vegas under the relentless blazing sun and I wanted an early start. This translated into sleeping in until 9:00. No matter.

To protect my skin from the R.B.S., I filled the tub with SPF 9000 and hopped in. At least, that's what it felt like. I was slippery and R.B.S. safe from the coating of goop I put on.

I packed up the necessary gear (meat sandwich) and drove west, stopping for breakfast on the way.

Red Rock was pretty busy - the entrance was backed up. It didn't take me long to get through though - and I really didn't mind waiting, because I had been listening to a riveting audio documentary about a wilderness murder predator guy, as I headed out to the wilderness.

I've always said that Vegas has put up a lot of great scenic, and the Red Rock conversation area is no expectation!

Apparently I don't talk so right.

I'll write more about the hike when I do the full report after my return to Flusherville.

The evening back at T.I. was kind of weird. The gambling was 'off' and even blackjack with new found gambling buddies Matt and Lisa saw us all getting pounded into dust, like the white hiking stuff still on my Merrills.

I told Matt I would probably dump $400 before the night was done, and I was definitely headed that way. After abandoning blackjack and going our separate ways, the drubbing continued.

I've never been so drubbed in my life.

With $20 left in my wallet (I didn't know it was actually so thin!), I decided to pick the highest volatility quarter video poker game I could find.

This translated into Triple Double Bonus.

After a few hands, I saw four beautiful Ace Pointies show up and just as I went to check to see if I had to draw for a kicker, the credits started to ring up.

I'd nailed it, and the cards auto-held. I've always wanted Aces Kicker on Triple Double Bonus - and now I had it!!!


    1. Sometimes you just have to push the button.........easy peasy.

    2. Great googly-moogly! That's so pretty!

    3. Great googly-moogly! That's so pretty!

    4. Nicely done! That's the one hand I'm still chasing at that game.... So nice to get it dealt!

    5. Happy for you! I had it dealt to me at the M Resort! Never forget

    6. Happy for you! I had mine dealt to me at the M Resort! Will never forget it


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