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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dip 'n Sip, Whip or Flip

Day 4 - Fri May 19, 2017 - continued

D'yer keep 'em? Or go for the Royal?
Maybe I'd missed out on the better part of a monster, but I had to admit, taking the wins on cards and dice were adding up - the table games part of my budget was in excellent shape.

I hit the Beeefffallooo! machines again and hoped I'd have more luck than the day before, when I played a full hour without a bonus.

First spin - bonus.

I generally play the lowest denom, so 60 cents a spin. Keeps the beers coming, but I wasn't drinking this early in the day, which is a stupid thing to say in Vegas. The bonus ended up being $45, which was a nice way to start.

While I played I pondered what to do for lunch and thought about the rental VW Asshat, all lonely and unused, but paid for. I came up with a plan that would get me out of the hotel to a place of worship with a lunch special, and include a mini-coupon run.

Beefffalooo!! ended up costing me about $40, and stupid Keno at the bar another $40. Why is it when I have some lightning strike win, I conclude that I (or the machine) is embued with some magical gambling odds defying power that will enable me to repeat said win? I should never play that machine again, it's already given me its love, it can only go downhill from here.

(I did have a $40 win on stupid Keno, but blew it all back chasing the mindless gambler's jackpot. And my buy-in as well. And another $20.)

So, lost $40 on Beeefffalloo!!, $40 on stupid Keno, and next stop the ugly, perverted that keep whipping my ass, and yet I find them strangely attractive Killer Fifty Cent Machines of Death.

I was absolutely determined never, not ever, to go on tilt on these machines like I have so many times before, pouring money in chasing what "should be by now".

I'd dip 'n sip, and either whip 'em or flip 'em.

On 50 cent jacks, I worked my way up to $125 or so and parlayed to dollars, hoping for that home run. I got to play for a while on dollars but when I dropped to about $95, I dropped back to 50 cents. Dropped down to $30, back up to $70 (those 45 coin fulls house make such a difference) and soon I hit myself quad tens.

I played on for a while, played it down, nothing much happening except slow losing. I was getting pretty hungry, so I cashed out with $40 profit. Not a bad little session, and wiped out the stupid Keno loss.

One of the things I like about T.I. is that it is dead easy to get to Vegas' chinatown. I exited the compound, made the big sweeping left onto Spring Mountain headed west, the four corners of the Asshat wailing for mercy as I hauled the wheel left and floored it at the same time. I flew overtop the interstate, where I always catch some air if I'm going fast enough, a big drop down, bottoming the shocks and springs, run a couple of lights, and then put 'er sideways in a handbrake turn with tires smoking, and I'm parked in a strip mall full of Chinese businesses and all kinds of Asian cuisine food.

Yes, its relaxing to get off the bustle of Las Vegas Boulevard!

I was sure I could find some sort of a reasonable lunch special in the area, and what better place to look than the violently named Kung Fu restaurant.
The Kung Fu restaurant violently features Chinese food, and, for some reason, Thai food.

It is also an important religious site, something that not many are aware of, a shrine to the twin gods originating in the Tom Thumb Soup sect of the ancient, mystic Carradine faith, collectively known as Winston, worshipped by restaurateurs to ensure an abundance of inexpensive, oversized, slightly chipped bowls.
Worship the Twin Gods Winston at the Kung Fu restaurant and Carradine shrine.
I knew I was in luck when I got shown to a very comfortable Single Lonely Diner Booth, and the table featured a lunch special tent card.
Nothing says Single Lonely Diner like the nearby clatter of pots 'n pans!
The lunch specials are mostly pretty boring American "fake" Chinese food, but there was a Thai gem in there that I knew would hit the spot - Chicken Panang Curry.
Not only is the special only $7.25 - yes SEVEN BUCKS AND A QUARTER - but you get a cup of Egg Flower Soup Cup soup, a delicious Egg Roll, One Thai Fried Chicken Wing (leaving yet another Thai chicken pathetically trying to fly in circles...FOREVER), and either Steamed Rice, or Fried Rice.

Seriously, that's a great deal, and such a nice relief from the $15 hot dogs of the Strip.

It was all hot and delicious and the service was fast as lightning (Huah!). Seriously, it was so good, it brought tears to my nose.

I was out of there for $10 on the nose, including tip.

Next stop? The dike your stqle! game at the Gold Coast, some wild Royals on Deuces, and a mini coupon run.


    1. "D'yer keep 'em? Or go for the Royal?"

      Definitely go for the Royal. Too many out cards that'll either give you a win with a flush or straight, or other cards that'll give you even money. Hell, another deuce puts you in the same seat your're in. The only bad numbers are 3 through nine that is not a spade, 21 cards.

      You'd probably pair up and take a loss, but at least you would know. If you took the 125 and didn't go for the RF, then you would walk the earth for eternity wondering.... would I have got it.

      Besides, your name is Royal Flush, not Royal Flush with a wild card.


    2. I'd keep em myself, usually. Deuces is my #1 game, so that's when I always hit aces with a kicker.

    3. Going for the royal would be a HUGE mistake. The wild royal is worth 125 credits but the 4 card royal draw is worth 97.23 credits.


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