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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Day 10, Thursday May 25, 2017 - continued

I met a few people at the Four Queens including Chris B. and his wife, LaurLuv2Bowl, and Oxygen8r. It was fun, kind of a Flushiepants Summit - except I kind of told some people the wrong name of the bar. My bad. We sorted it out.

I can never remember if the Mikes bar is the Palace or the King's bar (Four Queens' fake bar names). They should be the Mikes bar, and the Fremont Front Row for the Shit Show bar.
Mrs. F kept me up to date on the latest fashion trends from Don Cherry and Ron MacLean.
Can't remember who got this, but it wasn't me.
The NHL playoffs were on the tube and it was really, really cool watching Chris B. knock it out of the park using the Strict Rules of Parlay.

He started with $20 and got on a quad run, upping his denomination appropriately. By the time the first period was over, he cashed out $300.

Chris B., Mrs. Chris B., and LaurLuvs2Bowl and I went up to Chicago Brewing Company for the 3rd period.

Things hadn't done well for me at the Mikes bar, and but they did better for me at Chicago.

I forgot to take a picture of one of the quads, though. My notes, which are always impeccably accurate, state that I was plus $65 at the Four Queens, plus I met a bunch of cool people. We were headed into overtime, and I high-tailed it back to the Cal, to watch the third period in my room.

By the time I got in the door of the Cal, I was on triple legs crossed high alert, so I headed for the Men's room.

My notes, which are always impeccably accurate, state this:
To make a long story short, I couldn't find the stupid game on the TV. The Cal doesn't have great channel selection. I texted the QQ and she said OT was still on, so I hauled ass down to the new Cal sports book bar.

I had a great experience there. First, they had no problem comping Maker's Mark for my $20 buy-in on VP, and tipping generously kept the generous hand pours coming.

Second, I managed to claw back more of the morning's losses.

The Cal Sportsbook is a gem. Really nicely done.

After the game, I had to laugh when a couple of the big screens were showing some kind of boinky-doinky hump hump moan 'n spit movie.

Somehow, at this point in the day, I was up $5 on Video Poker. Not a record, but a good sign after lots of thrashing around Vegas.

Dinner time... The Precious...   with salad bar!
Should have had the 500 Islands dressing...

After dinner, I got a nice quad on Boner Deluxe, and then completely fucked it up.

I switched to 50 cents and worked up to 300 credits, or $150.

I switched to dollars and... lost 7 hands in a row. And I went on tilt, pounding the button, hand after hand, unable to believe what was happening until it was done. Lost it all in about a minute.


A bunch of other video poker efforts all failed and I dumped $225.

Tried blackjack, and $100 went fast on a $10 table.

My plan? Win back $200 on triple play Deuces (and hopefully get DEALT four deuces for $750).

Well, it was an amazing run. I put in $100 and played and played. I got as high as plus $150, but had my eye on that $200 win. Dropped back half of it, and finally had to quit because I was too tired to play any more.

As mentioned, I was fixated on being dealt the four Deuces. Video poker can be cruel.

Dealt 3s for $15. Oh joy.

Almost. At least its not a bad hand.
I did $3000 coin-in on that session. My host would be pleased.

It was a long day, but a good one. Still, I'd dropped a few hundred. I guess the gauges will tell the tale!

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    1. "I was fixated on being dealt the four Deuces."

      Just some math on that quest. You have a better chance of completing a royal flush on a hand vs being dealt 4 deuces! 1 in 54,145 hands you get dealt 4 deuces!


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