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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Beast Never Stops

Day 11, Friday May 26, 2017 - continued

I met up with a number of blog readers this trip, probably more than usual, and today it was Texas Steph who wanted a handshake, a limited edition Flusher business card (with official Strict Rules of Parlay on the back), a drink, and four of a kind.

The other main thing on my list was to do a Strict Rules of Parlay attempt on a very generous donation by T.H. The guidance on this was to parlay the hell out of it or bust. Good enough for me!

Again, the Four Queens seemed like a good place to meet, and that's where I headed.

Steph recognized me before I could even try to pick her out - by my fatbit. She'd seen a picture that included my left arm and made the connection.

Steph and Hubs, as she fondly calls him, were very nice folks, and they did not either rob me or make fun of me (which is always a danger in Las Vegas).

Commensurately, I didn't rob them, or make fun of them, but I did rob the Four Queens for one progressive set of Pointies.

Mike looks younger every year. How do he do it?!
No kicker though.

It was pretty great. It's nice when people who read about all these longshot things happening are around when one actually happens. I mean, I walk in, say hello how are you, fork over a card, meet the Hubs, and play a few hands, and boom - Four Aces. I'd only done 7 session points before they showed. It felt... good.

I'd really beaten up on the Four Queens this trip, and beating up on any casino is a good thing.

I gotta say, I had an amazing amount of Aces luck this trip. I had so many Aces, they were coming out of my Ace hole.

I walked out of the Four Queens plus $200. And, I got to meet a nice 'follow the flag' contingent. I made them wave at me.
Clearly hard core Vegas gamblesters.
Next bit of business - say hello to my host and re-assure her that yes, she did have a third birthday this year so far, and here was the card to prove it. Wink wink. And, I thought, why not see if I could get a few comperoo bucks to eat at the Redwood Steakhous?

She was yammering with some other mooks so I sat and watched for a while, and finally she was free. She greeted me with smiles and a hug and air kisses.

"Rodney!! So nice to see you again."

"Nice to see you too... but I'm not -"

"And how is your Mrs. Flusher, Rodney? She couldn't make the trip?"

"Err - no, and neither could Rodney. I'm Royal."

I didn't mind, it was kind of charming in a 'why do I tip you if you can't remember my name' way.

She totally made up for it by offering a juicy Redwood Steakhous comp for $50! That would do nicely. I have to say, my host really did a nice job for me this trip.

She always mails me a handwritten thank-you card too. (Dear Rodney, and Mrs. Rodney...)

Before dinner, I wanted to load up on Maker's Mark, and I knew just the place to do that - back to the Cal Sportsbook bar. Hit a couple of quads too, but ended up going through $40.
Set of Four Queens #1.

Hillario served me at dinner, as usual. The crew there were very happy to see me, since I hadn't been in in a while. I hadn't been in in in in a while either.

Dinner was fab as always. I went with the pineapple tempura shrimp, a nice filet mignon with gargantuan baked potato, and the incredible cheesecake for dessert. I usually only eat half of it and save the rest for, like, 20 minutes later when I can't stand not eating it anymore.

Somehow I lost the sebago.

This ain't yer buffet cheesecake.
After dinner, it play time on my final night. I made the rounds, hitting all my favorite machines, some blackjack, some craps - everything.
Set of Four Queens #2.
I was about even, so I thought I'd try T.H.'s parlay donation on ole Flashy in the alcove.

Because the Beast Never Stops.


    1. A little past midnight, kinda tired, work in the A.M. - so about to turn in . . . and I notice a new blog entry. Why wait? As usual, lots of fun, some laughs, great pictures. But I get to the end & you write, "I was about even, so I thought I'd try T.H.'s parlay donation on ole Flashy in the alcove. Because the Beast Never Stops." Now I'll never get to sleep! Royal - if you ever decide to dabble in writing fiction I've got your pen name "Cliff Hanger".


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