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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Royal Flusher Vegas What's New!

It's fun getting Las Vegas casino offers! And it's interesting to see how my screwing certain properties play adjustments have affected the offers.

The last time I reported on places where I used to play and get sweet, juicy offers, last April, I was Flushera non grata at:
  • Wynn
  • Mandalay Bay and all of MGM
  • CET
  • Golden Nugget
  • Downtown Grand
  • Four Queens
It's amazing how things change in the comp world. Take the Golden Nugget. (Please!).

"But I've burned this to the ground, dropping in, playing the freeplay on my and Mrs. Flusher's cards, and walking with the proceeds.

Well, it's caught up to me. The offers have dried up in the last 2 months for both of us. So it looks like the Smug Nugget is off the table."

Check this out! It's not as liberal an offer as I used to get, but it's also better than the zip offers I used to get.

It was a similar situation at Mandible Bay, and the offers have dried up like a prune in Kenny Blankenship's grandmother's purse.

On to Mandolin Bay where... I'm just above Flushera non grata. They are throwing one night at me, but I have to pay resort fees, and the available dates are almost non-existent.


Oh - they will also let me stay at Delano on certain dates - for $60 plus revenge fees. Delano is nice. But not that nice when I have freebies across the street. MGM continues to be dead to me.

Downtown Grand, I thought I'd never hear from them again after button-fucking them for over $1000 on $10 of freeplay.
Four Aces? Sure, I'll take that. Aces kicker? Sure, I'll take that too!
I've always liked the Downtown Grand, and I wish they would just have a solid program, good food, good paytables and games, good offers, and, well, would let me will all the time. But it's been very spotty with them in all departments. I do think they have made great progress in the last year.

Well guess what? They want me back! For one night, anyway.

Maybe that's all their bankroll can fade. Heh heh.

Wait - does that say I can book a Vactation?! See, this is the thing, DTG. Sloppy! Sloppy Vactation! (You might think I altered that image, which I'm certainly willing and able to allow Jimmy Poon to do - but in this case, no need. Check your own measley DTG offer to see if you have a Vactation coming!)

Last trip I had an enjoyable stay at the Tropicana, and I did not focus on playing much at all. And I played a lot of cheap table games half the time.

I'm thrilled to announce that... my offers at the Trop have actually improved a little from my previous stay! I have monthly offers of three nights (up from two), plus $10 food a day, and $20 freeplay. So, they seem to appreciate my level of play. I think I hit $5K coin in a day there last time, over two nights.

Similarly, at T.I., I didn't play nearly as much as I had been. I am still getting good offers from them, but slightly reduced. Two nights instead of three, and $150 free play. I'll keep going there as long as I keep winning there.

Keep it comin' T.I. so I can win a boatload of cash!
Oh - Luxor is still offering me two nights and - oh my heart - $10 freeplay. On the other hand, no amount of freeplay is something to sneeze at. Or Vactation at. Or something. I don't care, MGM Resorts is still dead to me. I'd use Luxor as a dorm in a pinch, but until they clean up those rooms in the pyramid, forget it. (Actually, I hear they are cleaning up - as in renovating - those rooms in the pyramid.)

A new article in RF World brings together in one place all of the rare LP covers of the music I played on my last Vegas trip, along with some awesome new words and syllables, and some regurgitated old words and syllables.

The Rarest Vintage Vinyl Records You've Never Seen

There are lots of other exciting things are in the pipeline here in Flusherville.

A lot of you ask if/when I'm going back to Vegas. Yes, I will go back. Yes, you'll know about it.

I'm thinking about some ways to get content out more regularly, to appease you degenerates. One thing I'm thinking about is showing reruns repurposing content.

If you can believe it, there are around 980 posts on the blog as of this writing, going back eight years. In fact, the anniversary is just around the corner.

Some of the early content has hardly been viewed by anyone. So if I bring it forward in some form, most of you won't have seen it, except for the extremely diligent amongst you who have read every single post. Yes, there are some! No, I did not pay them!

A few days ago, I started at post #1, reading, editing, adding images, and basically giving them the once over. I've already uncovered a few nuggets that deserve to be seen.

I'm thinking about a All Time Top 10 Posts list, so if you have a favorite, drop me a line or leave a comment. I'd love to hear what tickled your funny bone.

Talk to you soon, and enjoy the rest of your summer Vactation!


Addendum - What day is it? It's Pic of the Day day!

Get your daily Vegas fix with the Pic of the Day. You'll see them show up in the main page, but if you're really savvy, you'll bookmark the Pics of the Week page, which will have links to a week's worth of Pics of the Day.

Direct your peepers every day to the Pic of the Day and enjoy a little Vegas!

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    1. Flusher you have been listening to that old timer music too much. Don't you know Vactation is a hip new word the millennials are using. It's clearly a new marketing campaign by DTG to pull in the hipster dufus crowd. Example: Suh, I am way ups into Vegas Vactation, You know?! I goto Vegas and they got Respeck for my play, and the shorties got Respeck for my game. - Peace Out, Funk


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