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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Aug 24, 2017 - Vegas Neon Lights

Here's a Royal Flusher Savvy Tourista Travel Tip for you. One of the best times to take photos of Las Vegas is at twilight.

I call it the magic time.

Las Vegas Strip Night High Roller Moon

What's so frickin' magical about it?

It's pretty simple. Just after the sun goes down, the lights come on in Vegas - but at twilight there is still enough ambient light around for your pictures to show whatever subject you've chosen. But the neon and flash and colorful displays look good, and sparkle with color.

It could be... a hotel. It could be... a skyline. It could be... the smallest fucking moon you've ever seen in a picture.

If you wait till later, when the sky is dark, yeah, it looks like the lights are bright and beautiful, but you might end up with a picture like this:

Sure, it's the Barbary Coast. Hey over there must be Ballys. But most of this picture is just black, dark, nothingness. Kind of like my Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer pension plan.

So be savvy, book that dinner up the Stratosphere at twilight, or that bar car on the High Roller at dusk, and take some decent fucking pictures!

And that's the Pic of the Day for Thurs Aug 24, 2017

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