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Friday, September 1, 2017

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Sept 1, 2017 - Presidential Limo

Want to feel like a big shot? Want a comfy ride to your hotel after a gruelling flight to Las Vegas?

Order yourself up a limousine!

Guess who this guy was waiting for?... They use those fancy eee-lectronical tablets for this now.
Your driver will meet you in the terminal, and help you with your luggage. This one time, we had a driver who was on his second week of being a limo driver. He bravely took on two huge suitcases and a carryon and headed for the down escalator.

Getting on, one of the big suitcases took a dive off the step, and twisted. So this poor guy was desperately trying to twist, lift, and right the huge bag full of jars of jam and gold bars - before he hit the bottom of the ride.

He made it, but just barely.

Outside the terminal, you climb into a stretch limo and then, basically, pretend you are a rock star.

Unless you actually are a rock star, I suppose. Then, you pretend you are Royal Flusher.

If you have some vital supplies you need to pick up (say, a case of Red Bull, or maybe all of aisle 3 at Lee's Discount Liquor), your driver will be more than happy to make a stop or two wherever you want.

Just remember to take care of your friendly limo driver. Know what I mean?

Because Las Vegas runs on juice.

And by juice I mean the green handshake.

And by green handshake I mean tip your driver for goodness' sake!
Photo courtesy my cousin Dr. Raoul Shiboubou, Penguin wrangler
Now stretch out and ride to your hotel like Flushiepants. Heck, you could even book a stretch to take you on a tour to the Boulder Dam or something. A limo ride beats the $2 WAX bus, that much is for sure.

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