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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Royal Flushers Daily Vegas Pic - Sept 13, 2017 - Vintage Ballys

As we move more into the 'monetize every square inch, squeeze every last dollar' era, I am glad I got to see Vegas when it still had time for whimsy and people-movers as long as a football field.

Bally's casino las vegas entry way sign
Guess which casino? No, c'mon, guess...
This was the entrance to Ballys (or Ball s, on a bad neon day). The front door was a good block off the strip.

So, you'd get on a couple of these slideways and sashay your way into heaven.

The columns... I don't know what they were supposed to be.

Maybe nothing.

But they changed color, all on their own, constantly evolving to different hues. I think they are just part of what they used to call 'design'.

There's not enough whimsy in today's Vegas, and way too much CVS.

The space you see above is now some stupid tourist trap marketplace. You can probably find some food and beverage 'concepts' there too.

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