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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Sept 7, 2017 - El Cortez Neon

Dating back to 1941, the El Cortez is a cornerstone of modern gambling in Las Vegas. It almost predates the Strip for cryin' out loud. The first Strip casino was arguably the El Rancho Vegas, which opened arguably on April 3, 1941, with the ElCo following arguably in November.

Flushy doesn't like to argue, so we'll leave it that the place is fucking old.

I love that the facade resembles how like looked back then, including the great neon sign design.

I also love the fact that the original rooms, on the second floor above the casino at the front of the building, are still in operation.

You can book 'em and stay in 'em.

I defy you to find a room in Vegas that has a shorter distance from the crapper to the craps table.

And actually, I think some of the original 1941 gamblers are still in the building, just one pull away from hitting 'the big one'.

I caught this great view when staying in the pavilion rooms at the El Cortez, which are in the parking garage.

El Cortez Casino Las Vegas Neon Sign
Stay at the 'Tez, it's what everyone Sez. 

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