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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Oct 25, 2017 - Fitzgerald's, The D, and the Legs

It was tall. It was green. It was Irish. And it didn't have any legs.

That was Fitzgerald's and just as I was getting to know it, it vanished and was reborn like a one-lettered Phoenix as The D.
Fitzgerald's Las Vegas at Night
The F. Before it became The D.
And they put those upside down legs on there.

Did you ever take a moment to wonder what the rest of the woman that owns those legs was doing when that picture was taken?

Well I happen to know.

She was relaxing in her suite, tired after a long but satisfying day of downtown gambling, followed by a few drinks on East Fremont and maybe a band.

And then back in the room at about 2:00am she's slumped on the couch with the flat screen on, watching some illegal TV station that is blowing about 200 watts of snowy black and white classic movie action from a jury-rigged tower deep in a mountain canyon, but up high, and just out of reach of the Feds.

She's watching a vintage B movie - the 1965 thriller Two on a Guillotine. There is a split of cold champagne on ice, and her lover is taking a long, hot shower.

She swallows half a glass of Veuve, emptying it, and puts the glass on the table, moving slowly, her eyes never leaving the screen.

Slowly, slowy, she slides lower and lower on the couch, her back arching, long beautiful neck bent at an impossible angle, just as the will of the eccentric but now dead magician Duke Duquesne is read by some stuffed shirt lawyer. Cassie, played by Connie Stevens, will have to spend seven nights in a creepy magician's mansion in order to claim her inheritance.

The woman turns on the couch, ass grinding, leather on leather, until she is slouching at a sexy 45 degree angle, too tired to even remove her 5" heeled fuck me shoes. (I don't know if the heels are really 5", but I never pass on a chance to work 'fuck me shoes' into casual conversation.)

She turns more, now at a searingly geometrically hot 90 degree angle. Her lover brings her a mini can of mini Pringles from the mini bar. She watches scenes of cob webs, unexpected and unexplained loud noises, and most horrific of all, UPS drivers that leave packages at the mansion in the rain, mind you without even fucking knocking one of the huge cast iron gargoyle rings on the door.

In a stunning move that is the most alluring thing this perfect goddess could ever do, her leather minidress riding up navel high... she turns more, her head now suspended just above the floor. And that's when the legs rise, up, up, fuck me shoes perched on alabaster legs flying high like Jimmy Choo ensigns of fetishistic desire.

Yes. She's watching the guillotine almost upside down. Her back is on the leather seat of the couch, hips arched, her legs pointing straight up the wall, head dangling, eager mouth sighing quietly "get out of there!" It's uncomfortable, but the best sex tv watching always is. And it'll only last a few minutes before she slides right off the couch onto the floor, slithering on her back head first. Then, she'll have to reset.

But for now, that's just the moment when her lover fucks up his selfie with the TV, and takes a pic of her upside down legs by mistake.

The D Las Vegas
Photo (c) The D Las Vegas


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