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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Oct 26, 2017 - Dealt Hand

There's an old saying about if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Video Poker Dealt Straight Flush on 100 Play

And there's another old saying if a penny player were a dollar player, this would have been a hit for $40,000 bucks instead of $40 $400 by hitting this sweet dealt straight flush hand.

The downside, of course, is that it would take $500 a pull on a marginal paytabled 100 play machine at the Four Queens.

I suppose there are a few high rollers out there that could fade that kind of action on 100 play, but not me. It's still a pretty hand to look at.

And, as I might have said at the time, "Great, more points to play with now."

Thinking of it another way, though, there is a really, really old saying that goes If a dealt straight flush had been dealt four pointies on Super Double Bonus 100 play pennies, you'd actually have some real money.

Like.... $800 instead of $400. Aces pay 800 credits.

But there's yet another saying that goes If you'd only gotten a dealt Royal, you dumb fuck, that would be worth something.

A penny royal is 4000 pennies, or $40. Ring up 100 of those and you are looking at genuine real money - $4000. Kind of a long shot but it is possible.

Royal.... heeeheeeeeee you big stupid twit. 40,000 pennies is $400. You can't do math for shit!

40,000 penny is $400 not $40. I fix your stupid post.

Jimmy Poon.


    1. My SAvvy new math says $400 bucks not $40.....just sayin'. :-)

      Keep up the fine blogging my good man...

    2. The teachers in Flusherville are excelling in English composition instruction, but failing miserably in mathematics. "this would have been a hit for $40,000 bucks instead of $40 by hitting this sweet dealt straight flush hand." Whoa there, don't be a hoser. That particular picture is a $4.00 win per hand x 100 for $400 smackaroos. Which everyone knows can buy lots of emergency cheese, back bacon, and molsen eh?!

      1. I'm gonna have to give you some Canadian lessons next time. But yeah, I fucked that up.

        It's nice to know everybody actually reads this shit and figures it all out.

    3. Looks like $400, not $40?

    4. Apparently I fucked this up completely. Serves me right for posting before coffee.


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